Hello to my fellow bloggers, friends, fashionistas and magpie’s!

As my first blog post, I’m going to introduce myself by telling you a little bit about me, letting you seep into my brain for a twinkling instant!

As it stands, I’m a 17 year old girl, one day hopefully a successful fashion writer and journalist! My fashion-life began when I was 9 years old, seeing Vivienne Westwood walking down Kensington High Street one evening… Intrigue is only a small fraction of what I felt. Since then my fashion obsession has reached a particular high as I’ve recently created a fashion journalism portfolio to show at university interviews (pieces of which I will later post here on this blog.) I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating it and it is basically what inspired me to create this blog.

Let’s talk about my blog name: HNNH NYC or HNNH_NYC as it is on Twitter… My name is Hannah (hence HNNH) and the NYC part is just a reference to where I am determined to make it in my career. I feel like an NYC girl at heart.

I’ve titled this post “Awkward Hello’s and Sad Goodbye’s”. Now that I guess the “Awkward Hello’s” is over with, I’ll move onto the “Sad Goodbye’s”. Three days ago I had to put my beloved Greyhound to sleep, literally broke my heart. Moving on from that and feeling energized, I feel starting a fashion blog in the way I want to do it will help me concentrate my thoughts into something else, something useful that could help me with my career.

Well after that introduction, I think it’s time to sign off and start blogging for real! I hope you enjoy my blog, feedback is greatly appreciated! My email is if you wish to ask me questions or give me inspiration for future blog posts!



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