The day the US edition of Harper’s Bazaar’s May 2011 issue came out, I went straight to the shop to buy it. The usual routine of excitement of knowing my ultimate idol is on the cover of yet another magazine, panic over whether there will be any copies left and a sense of relief and almost geeky euphoria when I have the photos and interview in my hand. This routine was slightly different. I still got the pre-excitement/panic before owning the magazine, but this time, when I turned to the article featuring my idol Lady Gaga, the dress she was wearing almost outshone the star herself. I was immediately taken with the design and had to find out more about the designer that had created such a divine specimen of a dress. One quick glance at the bottom of the page informed me that the designer in question was Indonesian-based Tex Saverio. It took me all of three seconds to Google his name and what I found was utterly mesmerising. His first collection for Jakarta Fashion Week was for spring/summer 2011, named “My Courtesan” and I find it very difficult to sum up the collection using words. It is undeniable that his workmanship is truly incredible, and what I find most amazing is how he is virtually unknown to the western fashion world. His creations are so outlandishly fantastic and exquisite that it’s a wonder why he’s not already known as a legend in the making. Personally, I cannot comprehend how amazingly talented this young designer is. His latest collection “The Revelation” was an exploration of the duality of good and evil in The Revelation. The dresses were showcased as an almost performance art piece on the runway at Jakarta Fashion Week. If I could create my own race of people, this is how we would all look. His designs are perfection itself.
After discovering Tex’s work over the internet, I felt that I really needed to get into contact with him just to express my admiration for his work. After contacting Tex’s manager via email, I felt I had to pass on a message to Tex expressing my adoration towards his creations, and I was lucky enough to get an interview with the man himself…

Is there any one person you have in your mind as a muse that you look to when designing?
Maybe it’s not particularly one person, but at one time it could be one person. Gaga is definitely my muse. In general I’m always inspired by a woman with a strong character. Very strong one, perhaps.

What is your favourite part of designing a garment? Is it the process or seeing the end product?
The part when I could turn my imagination into reality, when I get the “looks” that I imagined it to be.

What inspires you most?
A woman. I learn a lot from a woman, and I get a lot of ideas… It is always a mix of the character of a woman and my fantasy.

I am also a huge Lady Gaga fan, what was it like to have her wear one of your exquisite dresses in Harper’s Bazaar?
I was surprised. I was in the middle of a meeting when I got the news from the internet.

You are known as “Indonesia’s Alexander McQueen”, how does it feel to be compared to such a legend in the fashion industry?
Nahh… That’s simply too much! I am nothing compared to him, I think he is incomparable. He’s a legend, while I’m just a new kid. But however this will motivate me to go higher…

Where do you hope the brand to progress to in the future?
I hope to reach international market. Wish me luck!


After my interview with Tex, I began scouring the internet for yet more images of the designer’s work, and after analysing almost all of his creations, I now feel that his pieces provide both a physical and emotional journey and connection with both himself and the wearer. I feel this is a huge achievement with a collection and I really, honestly wish Tex all the luck in the world (Although, he won’t need my luck with the talent that he has!) and I hope that one day, Tex will be showing his designs globally!


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