I just had to blog this. I saw on Twitter last week that SHOWstudio have recently been advertising to their followers for cute puppies, kittens and bunnies for an upcoming shoot. They tweeted a few of the pictures that came as a result of this shoot and the photos of one particular puppy are so PRECIOUS!!


Check out SHOWstudio on Twitter to see more of their photos!



17th July 2012. 19th July 2012. 8th September 2012. Probably just three insignificant dates to those reading this. And yes, they do seem rather random. However these three dates have a bittersweet meaning to me. On the one hand, they will most likely be the best days of the year for me, and on the other hand… Well, let’s just say that they’ve made my bank account look like it was bombed in a world war. Sparse to say the least. The two dates in July are when I will be seeing Madonna and the other date in September is seeing Lady Gaga. I don’t expect you all to be as eye-wateringly excited at this as me, just keep in mind that I’ve saved up for near enough a year for this.

Once the tickets were bought, I felt a mix of euphoria of finally having the tickets in my hand (well, for the deliriously annoying ticket maverick that is Ticketmaster to send them) and the relief and panic of ticket-buying finally over, to the thought of the tiny-but-still-significant number that sits heart-wrenchingly alone at the bottom of my wishfully rich bank account.

Since having the money ceremoniously wrenched from my being by said ticket maverick, my soul has felt empty. Okay maybe that was piling on too much philosophy for the dire state of my bank account, but still. I hate not having money, makes me feel insignificant and well, poor. And that’s not to say I feel superior to others when I have money, because I don’t. It’s totally a personal thing, I feel superior to myself when I have money in my account.

I recently laid out onto my bed all my purchases from that week and almost cried (wiping my tears with a lonesome £5 note). The amount of silly purchases that I realised I didn’t really need was incredible. This gave me scope for a blog post… I’ve decided to spend the next week taking photos. Photos of everything that happens in my week, boring or interesting. I’ll capture purchases, outfits, happy moments, sad moments. Everything. Well, almost everything.

I’ll let you into my extremely interesting and lively world. A world where you will no doubt wish you were a part of. (Note: sarcasm is my main source of humour, detect it in the last two sentences I wrote).

So come back next week to read all about my week and see the photographic evidence!


This piece was the required written article that I submitted as part of my Fashion Journalism portfolio for UCA.

I live in a small town in Cambridgeshire. A slightly nondescript place where cultural diversity is perhaps not as common as, say, a city centre would be. Everyone here fits into a nice little mould. Everyone going about their business, speculating what others are doing, all the while trying (and failing) to move with the times. This, for me, is a parallel predicament to publications such as Vogue or Elle. For myself personally, they do not spark any inspiration. They do not get me excited. They depress me, make me feel inadequate, poor and fat.

My publication of choice would be V Magazine. (Technically it is a quarterly magazine, but I’m hoping that still counts…). The first thing that strikes the reader upon seeing V for the first time is possibly its size. Or the extraordinarily bold cover. Or the fabulously overpowering logo. It could possibly be many aspects of V’s cover format that attracts the reader at first glance. For me personally, it was the size. Being A3, it’s larger than most other “commercial” fashion magazines, I found this to be special. Almost like the magazine was so tremendous that it was worth that extra paper.

The content of the magazine itself is undeniably captivating and full of passion. From the powerful imagery on each page, to the small font that carries an even more powerful stance on the topic in which it’s portraying, V is by far oozing the most contemporary and innovative pieces and photographs. One of my favourite aspects of the V is that each issue, the magazine is heavily themed. The theme is an occurring motif on every single item featured in the magazine.

Last summer saw Lady Gaga become a columnist for V, which for me as a huge Gaga fan, couldn’t be more exciting. If the magazine couldn’t get even more fresh and exciting already, for me it just did. I cannot comprehend how much I adore V for collaborating with a contemporary artist such as Lady Gaga on an ongoing project for the sake of art and fashion, rather than just a celebrity-endorsed empty program.

V magazine, being an American publication, is not particularly easy to find in the area that I live, so when I do find it, I cherish it, reading each issue over and over again to devour every word written and every photograph shot. Having a new issue every three months is thrilling for me and living in such a drab and non-diversified community makes reading V all the more enthralling.