Just as Paris Fashion week closes (cue sobs of disdain from fashion junkies all over the blogosphere and beyond), Anna Dello Russo’s H&M accessories collection hit the shelves across the world and online. I was sat there this morning at my laptop, no doubt so were hundreds of other saddo’s, debit card at the ready, with my finger hitting the “refresh” button a dozen times a second waiting for the 9:00AM commencement of the year’s most anticipated high street collaboration. After many minutes of panicking, sweating and rushing (very attractive-sounding, I know) I was in!! I knew beforehand the pieces that I was desperate to have, coveting the baroque-glamour emerald earrings and necklace set and the gaaaaawjus snake jewel-encrusted bangles, so all-in-all I felt ready.

You may be wondering why this seemingly simple task of purchasing a few things on the Internet is such a big sweat-fest. Well let me tell you, last November when H&M’s collaboration with Versace hit the stores, fans had been camped outside the flagship stores worldwide for 24 hours, with the online store crashing and the whole collection selling out in 30 MINUTES. While the AdR collection wasn’t quite as meticulously tedious in terms of the ridiculously fast selling-out times, the whole collection did however sell out online in three hours.

So all-in-all I purchased six items from the collection, my coveted emerald earrings and necklace, a green snake bracelet, turquoise and orange snake bracelet, turquoise earrings and a crocodile bracelet with the end total coming to £148.84. Eye-watering for someone that isn’t supposed to be spending……….. But they’re so pretty. I have no regrets.

I will be sure to bloggy blog blog pictures of the actual pieces when they come in the post (Ooh, by the way, H&M dispatched my order 4 hours after I placed it!! woohoo!)


    • Oh that’s so annoying! Me neither, I bet the collection is so much more vibrant and sparkly in person! Thank you, and I’ll be sure to check your blog out! xo

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