I said a couple of posts  back that I had purchased a McQ dress that had pretty much made me feel so guilty, I made a whole New Year’s Resolution to STOP SPENDING. Well I thought that as it is my last (should be my last) big splurge (at least for a while…) I would dedicate a blog post to it.


photo-1 (8)


I am so excited! It is by far the most beautiful item of clothing I own, so classic, fabric is gorgeous, cut is exquisite, the fit is perfect and I know that I will get such good wear out of it….

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the velvet hanger that the dress came with?

photo-1 (9)


I’m so embarrassingly fan-girly in cases like these, I’ve kept the tissue paper, all the tags, the bag, everything!

photo-1 (10) photo-1 (11) photo-1 (12) The only gripe I have is with the delivery time (It took one week to come with a delivery charge of £8), although now that it is here, I have no complaints! It was MOST DEFINITELY worth the wait!!

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