Just imagine it, you go to your wardrobe on a dull day in a bad mood, pick out something that reflects your mood while also immediately making you sartorially better than everyone else, and you think “Hmm, I could always do with a black floor-length coat/cape”. Because who doesn’t?

So you put on your Dracula meets S&M Dominatrix coat-slash-cape and you feel like a queeeeen. You sashay into Starbucks with an air of hierarchy that only a fellow cape-wearer could bear, and you feel like you could conquer the world. Sweeping the dust under your feet, you march up to the counter (skipping the queue, no less) and order your tall skinny Mocha Latte, swishhhh back around to face the queue and strut right out, past everybody with glaring eyes, clutching your fabulously obnoxious drink.

Now is your mood better? I know mine would be.

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