WWD being the Bible of everything fashion has reported that John Galliano, disgraced but an immense design GOD, will return to the cut-throat world of fashion for three weeks at the house of Oscar de la Renta. It is not known exactly what the pair are cooking up or perhaps how much input Galliano will have on De la Renta’s upcoming A/W13 collection, but as the pair have been close for many years, I think it is safe to say that Galliano’s unmistakeable talent will be imprinted on the collection.

In a phone interview with WWD, De la Renta says,

John and I have known each other for many years and I am a great admirer of his talent… He has worked long and hard on his recovery and I am happy to give him the opportunity to reimmerse himself in the world of fashion and reacclimate in an environment where he has been so creative.

Everyone in life deserves a second chance, especially someone as talented as John. I think that life is about forgiving and helping people.…I think John is doing all the right things.

It seems that Galliano is making his much-anticipated, but nontheless controversial, return to fashion after his firing from both his own label and his position of head designer at Dior two years ago following his very public drunken anti-semitic rant in a Paris bar.

In his first interview since the firing, Galliano also tells WWD,

I am an alcoholic … I have been in recovery for the past two years. Several years prior to my sobriety, I descended into the madness of the disease. I said and did things which hurt others, especially members of the Jewish community. I have expressed my sorrow privately and publicly for the pain which I caused, and I continue to do so. I remain committed to making amends to those I have hurt.

I am grateful to Oscar beyond words for inviting me to spend time with him in the familiar surroundings of a design studio… His support and faith in me is humbling.

Whether through coincidence or just damn good press-timing, Galliano’s three-week stint at the design studio at Oscar de la Renta will run into fashion week, however squashing rumours about Galliano replacing De la Renta in his retirement, De la Renta says:

Am I retiring? Is John going to replace me? Certainly not. I hope to be around for a long time.

Some Galliano critics will no doubt be opposed to this new movement in Galliano’s no doubt career boost, while others say he has paid his penance and deserves a second chance. What do you think? Does he have a place in the fashion industry from where he left? Or has his disgrace left him in a sore position? I personally believe that there is only one Galliano…

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