Stella has designed her latest set of Red Nose Day t-shirts for TK Maxx, and I LOVE! I’ve always bought the TK Maxx Red Nose Day t-shirts every year because at least £5 from every t-shirt sold will go to the cause, helping children across the globe get the food, water and healthcare that they so desperately need. Last year’s designer collaboration was with Vivienne Westwood and those t-shirts were just brilliant, I purchased three.

This time with Stella back, the t-shirts are emblazoned with images of Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, vintage Kate Moss and Tommy Cooper, as well as a selection of kids tops with a giraffe and The Beatles. T-shirts (adult sizes) are available for £9.99 and £14.99 for both men and women.

beatlesrnd katerndMARILYNRND

Find out more about what TK Maxx does for Red Nose Day here and to also buy your t-shirt! Available in stores and online from today, Red Nose Day is on March 15th.

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