If someone was to ask me who my ultimate style icon is, it would definitely be Gwenny Gwen Gwen. Ms Stefani has, in my opinion, THE best, most fab, classiest, coolest wardrobe in the world of celebland and I would DIE to have a piece of that closet. Gwen’s latest collection for L.A.M.B has “Gwen Stefani” written all over it, I can imagine her wearing every single look from the whole collection which is what I love about it. It’s all Gwen, and therefore I’m totally into it.

Featuring black and white paired with splashes of electric blue, sharp tailoring with sky-high heels, studded accessories and of course some tartan to boot, the collection was seemlessly perfect.

It frustrates me when celebrities bring out clothing lines just for a dollaaahh or two more (or a few million) than they already have, but Gwen Stefani is different. She took a back seat on the designing side of things a few seasons ago to make more time for her family and other career as the frontwoman of ultra-cool band No Doubt, but the label is still ALLLL Gwen.

I loooove this collection, one of my highlights from A/W13. I just wish I could afford that AMAZING blue suit with the shirt and tie. And that back and white bag. And that leather frilled skirt. And those tartan tailored trousers. Oh alright, I wish I could afford all (or any) of it!

photo-3 (2) photo-4 (2) photo-1 (6) photo-5

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