I’m a huge fan of glasses, much to some people’s disbelief. I get people asking me all the time “Why do you not wear contacts?” and the simple answer is that I actually like wearing glasses. I find contact lenses to be a pain, I find them to be uncomfortable and “unnatural” to the eye. For me, my glasses are an important aspect of my everyday look and I try to choose glasses that reflect my style and personality. I don’t choose glasses to be discreet and blend into my face, I like to make a statement. For the past year I’ve been wearing my gorgeous Versace glasses, which I do still love, but I had my eyes tested last week at Vision Express and my eyes have both become worse by two “stages” (I don’t know what the official term is for going up stages in optometry, sorry!) and I was finding it increasingly difficult to see through them.

These are my "old" Versace glasses. I really love them still, I feel like they really suit me and I've had replacement lenses put in them. They're by Versace and I believe they come in four colours.

These are my “old” Versace glasses. I really love them still, I feel like they really suit me and I’ve had replacement lenses put in them. They’re by Versace, bought from Vision Express and I believe they come in four colours.

Now, I do love those glasses and wanted to find out how much it would cost through independent opticians to put new lenses in them to still be able to wear them. Turns out, it’s quite expensive to go to an independent opticians to do it so I enquired about it when I went for my eye test. Whilst I was there, I naturally strolled over to the vast selection they had on display and immediately began trying on as many pairs as I could and of course I decided that I wanted a new pair.

I found these glasses by Polo Ralph Lauren in the men’s section and FELL IN LOVE. I love the electric blue colour because although it’s a bright, statement making colour, it’s still quite neutral and goes with almost everything clothes-wise and makeup-wise.


I really like big framed glasses rather than the slimmer rectangular styles and the men’s section is perfect for finding the bigger frames! I also like the contrast of the white arms on these. I was toying with this pair and a pair of Prada glasses that I absolutely LOVED as well, I originally wanted a tortoiseshell pair and they were the perfect shade, but in the end I went for these; I might ask for the Prada pair for Christmas this year (fingers crossed!).

I always find my experience as a customer in Vision Express pleasing, the staff are always very helpful, sometimes perhaps a little too helpful, but I don’t mind that really. The actual opticians are always very relaxed and make you feel at ease which is always a bonus! The shop assistants, whenever I go in there, are always on hand for assistance and leave you alone when you don’t want to be hassled when trying on glasses for yourself.

I was made aware of an offer that if you spend over £149 (I think, don’t quote me on that) that you’ll get another pair of £99 glasses for free, which I think is a fab deal! However, I couldn’t actually find any glasses in the store that suited me well enough for me to choose them; because even though they were free it would be a waste for me to have them and never wear them if I wasn’t totally comfortable with the way they looked on me. This is where I asked about the price for lenses to be put into my Versace pair.

The sales assistant left the desk to ask someone about the price and came back and told me that they could treat my pair of lenses in my Versace glasses as my free second pair of glasses so I got those for free too!

I’ve also seen some amazing sunglasses in there which I might invest in at a later date. I have a pair of prescription sunglasses already under my previous prescription from last year and as it’s getting towards the end of the Summer and I’ve already been on holiday, I think it wouldn’t be wise of me to be buying into expensive pairs of prescription sunglasses at this time.

I really recommend Vision Express, (rather than Specsavers because I’ve used them too), as an opticians for the deals they have, the vast expanse of choice in terms of frames and the staff are brilliant too.

Let me know what you think of my new glasses, do you like them or are they too much?


Go to VIsion Express to see some of the selection of glasses and sunglasses they do!

5 thoughts on “MY NEW GLASSES!

  1. Hi Hannah! Are the glasses this vibrant IRL? Im looking for really vibrant blue glasses, I was just wondering whether these were as bright as your photo shows? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Christina!These glasses are in real life as they are in the photos! I have lots of pairs of glasses and these are definitely one of my favourites, they look great with fuchsia lipstick! xx

  2. I happened to come across your blog really by accident, but I was intrigued because you were blogging about your new glasses. Your new glasses, well by this time aren’t really so new anymore, really suits you very well and I can see why you enjoy wearing them. Having been an optician, now retired, I was very glad to read that you really like wearing glasses and have no desire at all to wear contacts. Too bad more young ladies don’t feel as you do. Wearing glasses is so much more healthy for your eyes than contacts. Wearing glasses will never cause you to have an eye infection or an eye ulcer. On top of that wearing glasses has done nothing to take away from how attractive you are.
    Oh and when you got your eyes examined and your eyes had changed as you say by 2 stages. I can tell by looking at your glasses that they aren’t very strong at all so it is very common that your eyes may have had a very small change in them or they just wrote you a small increase to sharpen things up for you a little bit. this is very common so what they increased you was -.50 in both eyes. Just enough to make things a little bit clearer and sharper for you. Of course they also know by increasing you slightly that you will be needing new glasses and that helps their profit margin as well. Vision goes in incruments of -.25 so they only changed your glasses by 2 clicks. Very small but enough that your eyes could tell the difference. By the way I think your about at the point where your eyes should become stable and not need any change. So since you like wearing glasses and style as well you might soon want to start a nice “glasses wardrobe” That will make wearing glasses even more fun when you have quite a few to pick from in your current prescription. Since this blog was back in 2013 have you been back to get your eyes examined or has your vision been holding with no apparent change? You probably should still get your eyes checked even if your glasses seem to be fine every couple years. But if your not having any vision problems you may want to ignore any suggestion of new glasses.

    • Hi Jim,
      thank you so much for your comment, I still enjoy wearing the glasses in this post, two years on! I have had to have a new prescription in them though as my eyesight has worsened slightly since then.
      I am actually surprised at how many people actually do wear contact lenses, I personally have never had the desire to, I find them to irritate me all day long and I’m much more comfortable in my glasses!
      It’s a ‘life goal’ (if you will) of mine to have a “glasses wardrobe”, I currently have 5 pairs stored on my dressing table displayed in acrylic cases and I can’t wait to be able to add more to my collection.
      I will be continuing to get my eyes checked as often as I feel I need to, at the moment it’s around every 10-12 months.

  3. Hello Hannah
    Are you aware that you can order glasses online.
    If you do not have your prescription,by law your doctor must give it to you if you ask.
    When you have the prescription,you can go to one of the many online optical places,and follow the instructions to order your glasses.One place that I highly recommend is Zenni Optical.You will be amazed at how inexpensive glasses are ,and the quality is as high as what you presently have.
    Also something that you can do when ordering is bump up the Sphere part of your prescription by – .50 for each eye. By doing so you will have incredibly sharper vision.It is like viewing things in high definition.

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