Pinterest never ceases to amaze me, or force me to spend one too many long nights caught up in it. Here are a few additions to my latest board, shopfronts. Aren’t they divine? Follow me on Pinterest here.

SONY DSC 5ab6d965d67b4b9f03b0536bf84689f5 5fe7f329d749871cb8cbe9f8093733d1 406db073b72fad4a21b1ed9d01586d31 1563e37edf72c01510dbe3105f8f019d 43341ca71e6b62553f5683d4a73eac32 c15533bf19e44d90c6a865272eee03c0 e28f84b4c14fa672a9e47fc1dc1b3c8a e268cee7645430b8b23f8fef64c7730c

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