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Summer is the happiest season, am I right? It’s a time for relaxation, sipping fresh cocktails on a beach somewhere exotic (or in the back garden if you’re me) it’s a time for sun-tans (or sun burn), sand between your toes and no stresses (well, only about the sand in annoying and uncomfortable crevices, again, if you’re me).

This summer, I am most likely to be stuck in “boring old England” however, I am trying to make it less on the “boring” side. This summer I will be turning 21 (June 26th is a date for your diary…) so it’s a turning point of sorts. I will be a proper adult with actual adult responsibilities (if you consider not spending my whole student loan within a fortnight a responsibility…).

With a few internships in the bag for the next few months I am hoping to “pull myself together” and be a bit more normal in the run up to my third year of university, through which I will no doubt want to give up on life completely whilst simultaneously trying to make it the best it can be. An oxymoron of sorts.

Well that’s enough rambling for one day, who knows when I’ll be back for another ramble/actual decent content. But for now I’ll publish this and then get back to real work like figuring out which shade of nail polish makes my toes look ready for the summer heat that they probably won’t experience.


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