Spending my 21st birthday in Paris with Hayley, my BFF was a dream come true. From the minute we scrambled off our EasyJet flight like cattle, to the moment we stepped into the lobby of our 5-star hotel, we were in awe. I’ve visited Paris twice before, however only for the day and I would highly recommend doing so if you are able to, however staying in Paris overnight (we stayed for three nights) is magical. We stayed at Hotel Baltimore Paris Champs-Elysées, of which we couldn’t have asked for a more chic hotel experience.


The view from our room was everything we’d imagined a Parisian view to be, I took most of these photos with my DSLR camera, however the photos we took on our phones came out just as dreamy – dreamy photos are par for the course when visiting Paris.


Is this too much makeup for a 4-day trip? Hayley brought just as much as I did – overindulgence in makeup products is why we’re friends.


No fancy filters or lighting tricks needed, the Eiffel Tower is always at her best. Our first night in the City of Light was spent ogling the famous tower, not much explaining to do other than heart-eyed emoji, heart-eyed emoji, heart-eyed emoji.




Day one in Paris was truly majestic, days 2, 3 and 4 were just as much so. I’ll have posts up on each of those days as well as outfit posts and the most important aspect of our trip, FOOD.

Au revoir!


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