When it comes to fake tan I’ve tried them all, gradual tans, tinted moisturisers, wash off tans, overnight tans and in-shower tans but so far in my quest to finding a golden glow, there has only been one clear winner. And it’s from M&S. No joke. No sponsor. This is the Velvet Touch Luxe Oil for face and body – and it’s brilliant.
DSC_0067Possibly the only product with which I agree to all statements made in the bottle, it says it offers a “flawless luxe-bronze glow” and is “streak free and quick drying”. Because I’m so pale I always find fake tans to be such a chore to apply because I have to make sure I’m extremely thorough in order to cover every single inch of my ghostly white body, other wise I just look like a caramel disaster.
This tanning oil however is the easiest self tan I’ve used, the oil is really moisturising to begin with so you don’t feel like you’re dragging it across your body, which in turn means that it’s a quicker process to blend in so you’re not stood there for ages in your birthday suit scrubbing and scrubbing to get your marmite-looking tan to spread. Another point I’d like to make about this tanning oil is that it stays for DAYS. I’ve probably had a full week with this product where I haven’t needed to touch-up mid-week like most other tans (even ones that claim to last 3 weeks). In the shower, there is no evidence at all of any tan being washed off your body, a big thumbs up from somebody who like to sleep in and be ready in a small amount of time in the morning!
Even the smell isn’t as bad as others. And I really mean this. There have been other tans that I really like for instance the St Tropez Gradual Tan, but the smell really puts me off. The M&S oil really has a nice fresh scent when first applied and dries down to an almost undetectable scent.
Possibly the only downside to this product is the glass bottle. It’s quite heavy to travel with, and it doesn’t contain as much product as I’d like, it’s £12.50 for only 100ml. But that probably won’t stop me from buying it over and over until it’s cold enough to cover up for half the year. Sigh. Definitely not welcoming the colder months with open arms this year.


  1. I’ve always wanted to try a tanning oil, but I’ve always thought that would be the hardest to use…Do you just use your hands to apply?

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