If someone was to ask me who my ultimate style icon is, it would definitely be Gwenny Gwen Gwen. Ms Stefani has, in my opinion, THE best, most fab, classiest, coolest wardrobe in the world of celebland and I would DIE to have a piece of that closet. Gwen’s latest collection for L.A.M.B has “Gwen Stefani” written all over it, I can imagine her wearing every single look from the whole collection which is what I love about it. It’s all Gwen, and therefore I’m totally into it.

Featuring black and white paired with splashes of electric blue, sharp tailoring with sky-high heels, studded accessories and of course some tartan to boot, the collection was seemlessly perfect.

It frustrates me when celebrities bring out clothing lines just for a dollaaahh or two more (or a few million) than they already have, but Gwen Stefani is different. She took a back seat on the designing side of things a few seasons ago to make more time for her family and other career as the frontwoman of ultra-cool band No Doubt, but the label is still ALLLL Gwen.

I loooove this collection, one of my highlights from A/W13. I just wish I could afford that AMAZING blue suit with the shirt and tie. And that back and white bag. And that leather frilled skirt. And those tartan tailored trousers. Oh alright, I wish I could afford all (or any) of it!

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So it has to be said, I’ve FINALLY got into the whole “minimalism” thing. I don’t know how, I don’t know why but all of a sudden I find myself craving me some Jil Sander-esque almost clinically minimalistic attire. Cos is my new best friend.

I’ve always been a maximalist. ALWAYS. I’ve always been the “sequins and leopard print” kind of gal, but I’ve just recently been embracing the joys of a plain white tee. Perhaps my tastes are a-changing, my eyes are looking at things in a whole new light and my brain is wanting a clean slate.

I’m just going to go ahead and show you some of my favourite minimalist pieces from Cos this week. Cos is AMAZING. Really, it is. Not too expensive, the quality is that of a designer brand and best of all, everything looks like it could literally be Jil Sander. What more could you possibly want? Visit Cos



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Monochrome is back for fall! You have no idea how much I am revelling in this. To be brutally honest with you though, I will probably be rocking the monochrome “trend” every single season until I am six feet under. I love it that much. But knowing that it’s “fashionably acceptable” to be sporting the two-tone trend makes it even more exciting. And yes, it is exciting. Take the Viktor & Rolf show pictured here; Three different ways of wearing black and white in one collection. The flirty, girly mini mini itsy-bitsy-with-an-edge dress, oversized bow included; the preppy chic monochrome style and the rock chick androgyny of a printed tailored suit.



… And it’s been wreaking havoc in New Yawwk for Fashion Week. Many members of Fashion’s elite set have been no doubt panicking in their Louboutins this week, which they refuse to take off in the trechorous NY weather. Storms and blizzards aside however, this fashion week so far has brought much drama, glamour and gorgeousness to the fashion world! More blogs to come from this season so far from NYC! I cant wait to share my favourite shows!

Even a blizzard won’t stop the fash pack from rocking the Blahniks.


Orange for Spring? Turn to Alexander McQueen for your go-to designer for this season’s hottest hue! Rich tangerine, the most supple leather and typical Mcqueen tailoring all embody the essence of both traditional McQueen and the coolest shade for Spring/Summer. Now we just need the weather, the sun is this trend’s most complimentary accessory.

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So today was the start of New York Fashion Week for the A/W2013 collections! Every fashion lover everywhere is no doubt doing the same as me: constantly on Twitter/Instagram/Style.com/The Cut etc etc. checking for updates!

This season’s collections is sure to bring some surprises, not just in NYC. With much anticipated shows from Oscar de la Renta (with the arrival of John Galliano at the fashion house, read about that here), Alexander Wang’s debut collection at Balenciaga, the second collections from Raf Simons for Dior and Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent Paris, Jil Sander’s return to Jil Sander, Tom Ford’s return to the runway in London as well as McQueen’s presentation sans Sarah Burton (maternity leave).

No doubt this season’s collections will bring many a drama, a great dosage of expensive taste, many lashings of fashion excitement and a mile-long wish list of coveted items.

Let the Fashion Week mania commence!


So who knew that a monochrome dress would first catch my eye and then swiftly catch my heart? Well, it’s not that unusual considering my life seems to be in black & white. Not in a strange you-need-your-eyes-testing kind of way, but just because if you don’t know already, black & white makes me go weak at the knees. Now, the dress shown here is not dissimilar to the dress I’m wearing in my previous outfit post… I realise that. But I just loooooove it so much and I’m determined to own it. It’s like a mission, I WILL own this dress, it has my name on it.

It’s from H&M, costs £34.99 and is just so damn chic. If any of you have it, I hate you, you fashionable thing. If any of you have it in a UK size 8 and don’t want it, I love you.

hmprod hmprod1

WHAT I’M WEARING 01/02/2013

photo-1 (3)

My outfit for today consists of…….

Blazer and dress:Both H&M


(Please note, the dress doesn’t look this good on everyone as it does on the model. If you’re 6ft with pin thin legs, arms like you’re in Swan Lake and blessed with a stomach as flat as a pancake then you’ll have no problem. If you’re anything less than what this model shows, you may have to work at it…Like me. Add a blazer, or just throw on some Spanx. Or both.)



I received my March 2013 issue of British ELLE and was pleasantly surprised by it’s new look! Usually when a magazine changes it’s format, I’m left feeling lost and uncomfortable, being the magazine obsessive that I am, I get comfortable with how the magazine flows. But this change took me by surprise at how accessible, fresh and now it is. Laden with #hashtags, this very 2013, very twitter/tumblr version of ELLE is an innovative way of presenting a magazine. Editor-in-chief Lorraine Candy explains in her editor’s letter:

We’ve made your favourite monthly more playful, more interactive and more relevant to your daily life. Are you ready for a fashion magazine as modern as this?

Taking the fashion magazine world into another dimention, ELLE is also the first magazine to scrap the editor’s letter and replece it with #Inspire, an interview with anyone worth being inspired by (this month is Emma Hill, creative director of Mulberry). This section will be where the interviewee dishes out their best tips and inspiring the ELLE readership into just about anything.

Arguably the most “now” magazine on the market in terms of social media usage, interaction with its readers and writing for “the people”, ELLE has truly stepped up its game in the publication industry, with bold fonts, its minimalist approach to layouts and sleek flow of the magazine, ELLE is definitely at the top of the game.

Did I mention I love it?