So this week, this arrived in the post:



I decided to make the most of my birthday money and the mid-season sales and bought myself some McQ leggings. I bought the Iris Mirror print leggings and they. are. fab. They really are.

There’s one teeny weeny gripe with them… They’re slightly on the bigger side, just very slightly. I can still wear them and as long as I keep my butt covered it isn’t noticeable at all. I think they’re perfect.

photo-84 photo-86


This is me wearing them. I’ve paired them with my Zara shoes and a tuxedo blazer from Zara which I bought yesterday with 70% off.

Aren’t the leggings fab?!


So this is what my hands look like today:



I was feeling a bit “ghetto fab” when I got dressed this morning and it reflected on my hands.

Nail polish: Essie – Aruba Blue
Left hand: (1st ring from left): From a market in Old Town Alcudia
2nd ring: Topshop

Right hand: (1st ring from left): ring from the market in Old Town Alcudia
2nd ring: Claw ring bought for my birthday from Asos

Top nail rings from eBay.

Bracelet from River Island (Alexander McQueen knock-off).


alexander mcqueen mask

Today marks three years since the passing of legendary designer Lee Alexander Mcqueen. A pioneer of fashion, a genius with cut and a mastermind of creativity, there will never be another like Alexander McQueen. The brand lives after the brains and hands of the brand passed, but the spark is gone, the creative flame no longer flickering.

In his legacy, we remember a time when McQueen brought a side of fashion that no one else did; he brought desire, fear, enchantment, melancholy and endless amounts of innovative and phenomenal art.



Orange for Spring? Turn to Alexander McQueen for your go-to designer for this season’s hottest hue! Rich tangerine, the most supple leather and typical Mcqueen tailoring all embody the essence of both traditional McQueen and the coolest shade for Spring/Summer. Now we just need the weather, the sun is this trend’s most complimentary accessory.

photo-1 (4)






Cancel PFW. No wait, cancel Fashion Week altogether. There will be no elaborate, spectacular extravaganza for the Alexander McQueen collection at the upcoming Paris Fashion week, according to WWD. Sarah Burton, who is currently expecting twins, will be on maternity leave during Fashion Week and therefore the collection will be showcased as a presentation to limited members of press, buyers and PR, narrowing the guest list down to 100.

Don’t get me wrong, the girl needs a break, ESPECIALLY as she’s creating two lives, but my God, Paris Fashion Week just won’t be the same!

Wishing Sarah Burton all the best with the rest of her pregnancy and birth, fashion can be on hold until September, right?



Do you like my Paint edited photo by the way? Whoever said I’m not a computer pro is a liar, I tell you, LIAR.


I said a couple of posts  back that I had purchased a McQ dress that had pretty much made me feel so guilty, I made a whole New Year’s Resolution to STOP SPENDING. Well I thought that as it is my last (should be my last) big splurge (at least for a while…) I would dedicate a blog post to it.


photo-1 (8)


I am so excited! It is by far the most beautiful item of clothing I own, so classic, fabric is gorgeous, cut is exquisite, the fit is perfect and I know that I will get such good wear out of it….

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the velvet hanger that the dress came with?

photo-1 (9)


I’m so embarrassingly fan-girly in cases like these, I’ve kept the tissue paper, all the tags, the bag, everything!

photo-1 (10) photo-1 (11) photo-1 (12) The only gripe I have is with the delivery time (It took one week to come with a delivery charge of £8), although now that it is here, I have no complaints! It was MOST DEFINITELY worth the wait!!


Bloggers, celebrities, fash eds and every single other well-connected being at the Alexander Wang S/S 2013 show were all asked via loudspeaker (by a wishful thinker) to refrain from using flash photography during Wang’s show. It became apparent at the finale that the procession of clinical-cut, sharp-shaped garments would all glow yellow as the lights went down. This use of technology, once again, stamps the 2013 seal of approval that Alexander Wang is still at the forefront of modern technological fashion.

His S/S 2013 show was a juxtaposition of clinical simplicity meets futuristic, leather-adorned voyeur. The monochromatic palette that strutted down the catwalk included with a tougher exterior, a no-nonsense, can-do attitude which was reflected in all aspects of each model’s look.

Innovative knitwear, leather and razor-sharp lines all were featured on garments which could only be described as warrior queen meets romanticised beauty.

Wang’s lazer-cut leathers and silks on both garments and footwear place him once again, at the top of the innovative tech stakes. Although, it is a must to add that he never left, and will continue to reign for seasons to come.


So in November last year, I entered the annual Young Blogger of the Year competition comissioned by Clothes Show Live. The competition title this year was “The top fashion moment of 2011” and we only had 200 words.
I wanted to choose a fashion moment that wasn’t necessarily the most obvious choice. The obvious being that little known (now Duchess) Kate Middleton in that sort-of famous gown designed by that sort-of famous designer Sarah Burton at the sort-of successful and infamous fashion house, Alexander McQueen. Of course, this is me attempting humour and not being so stupid. Well, I hope.
Anyway, below is the blog post, I actually got into the top 5 finalists in the country, so I guess it wasn’t half bad.

The top fashion moment of 2011 – ONE OF 5 FINALISTS.

Pretzel, cat flap, turkey twizzler, toilet seat. If you hadn’t guessed the item of headwear that I’m describing by now, then you were clearly in a coma for the whole of May, June… July… August… (And still now). It’s Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding hat of course! The Philip Treacy-designed creation has been possibly THE most talked about hat in, well dare I say forever? However, I’m not here writing about the “catastrophe” to add to the negative headlines. I see the creation as a moment of fashion-rebellion, something in which we all could take note of. Everyone’s perception of beauty is different. Just because something is different and not typically mainstream, doesn’t mean it’s “ugly”. I feel the amount of unnecessary media-bullying that Beatrice received was uncalled for. Going one step further was a Facebook page called: ‘Princess Beatrice’s Ridiculous Wedding Hat’. But then I guess, you know you’ve made it when you have a dedicated Facebook page, so perhaps the hat in question is secretly proud. And so it should be, I’d be proud. However, it’s not all bad. The infamous hat sold for £80,000 all for children’s charities. So I guess Bea won that media battle after all.

(As one of the five finalists, I attended the Clothes Show Live on 6th December 2011)