After a week of anxiously waiting for the postman, my precious jewels finally arrived on Friday afternoon! I was so excited to receive the parcel and upon seeing the HUGE box they arrived in, I was even more eager to get my mits on its contents.

Box open, and I am met with miles upon miles of foam padding (good sign) and the gorgeous custom-designed AdR for H&M boxes housing the beauuuuuuutiful accessories!

Now for the actual gems…
Starting with my favourite piece…

The emerald necklace… What can I say about the emerald necklace?! The photographs DO NOT do this piece any justice at all. The stones are actually more ‘green’ in person than what the camera shows, also more sparklicious than what the camera is able to portray, actually, bear that in mind for ALL of the pieces. THE CAMERA DOES NOT DO THEM JUSTICE. Are we clear? Good.

In all honesty, this necklace was the one piece that I was the most excited about. And I was certainly not disappointed. With the capabilities of transforming absolutely any outfit, this necklace is the mother of all necklaces. It has the ability to make anyone feel regal or like an Old Hollywood movie star, Elizabeth Taylor-style. I simply cannot see a time when I will ever grow bored of looking at this necklace, let alone wearing it! It’s wearability is not for everyone, however if you’re like me and live for fashion and are convinced you were a magpie in a previous life, then you too will adore it. For the price of this (£29.99), I feel that it is extremely high quality, the clasp feels exceptionally sturdy and unbreakable and also, it’s box and lid are both padded all round, giving the whole experience an even more luxurious feel.


The second item is the pair of emerald earring that match the necklace.

Exactly like the necklace, these earrings are extremely high quality, sparkly, jazzy and all-round fabulous. Surprisingly lightweight, these are very comfortable to wear and before I received them, I was worried that they would be quite weighty and uncomfortable to wear, au contrare!!
The box they came in was typically Anna Dello Russo. Each box is like the items’ own jewellery box with a baroque statement print with a tassel detailing. All the boxes are padded for extra protection and this particular one is in cream and gold. (You can see me wearing the earrings in the photo with the necklace, above.)

Next, is this green and gold crocodile bangle.

The box is the same style as before, only in turquoise and gold. As for the bangle, I really love the quality and how vibrant the green is, there is also a metal elastic acted section to allow you to wear it on the upper part of your arm too. Also, I love the way the tail of the crocodile curves up the arm, which is covered in hundreds of diamonté studs.

These are the other earrings I bough, again in a cream and gold box.

The earrings are again surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear. The earrings when on are actually larger than they appear in the photographs in the box. Another detail I noticed about both pairs of earrings I bought is that the turquoise and gold pair had a matching gold back to the earrings and my emerald pair had a silver back. It is the minor details like this that I notice and make me even more excited in the most geeky way possible!
Here is me wearing the earrings:


Neeeeeeext is the absolutely divine gold, orange and turquoise snake bangle.

I absolutely ADORE this bangle! I really love the contrasting colour combination and the way the tail curls up the arm. Again, there is a metal elastic acted section for ease of wear and also for the ability of wearing on the upper arm. This is also encrusted with diamontés which catch the light and makes for a really striking piece.

Lastly is this gorgeous triple snake bracelet with green glass enamel and silver and turquoise detailing.

Again, presented in a turquoise and gold box, the bangle is a treat. Again, the quality defies the price (£34.99) and again, this will transform an outfit.

Here is me wearing all three bangles in different lights. You can really see how the light captures each piece.



All in all I couldn’t be happier with the AdR jewellery, I only wish I had the funds to have purchased more from the collection!


Just as Paris Fashion week closes (cue sobs of disdain from fashion junkies all over the blogosphere and beyond), Anna Dello Russo’s H&M accessories collection hit the shelves across the world and online. I was sat there this morning at my laptop, no doubt so were hundreds of other saddo’s, debit card at the ready, with my finger hitting the “refresh” button a dozen times a second waiting for the 9:00AM commencement of the year’s most anticipated high street collaboration. After many minutes of panicking, sweating and rushing (very attractive-sounding, I know) I was in!! I knew beforehand the pieces that I was desperate to have, coveting the baroque-glamour emerald earrings and necklace set and the gaaaaawjus snake jewel-encrusted bangles, so all-in-all I felt ready.

You may be wondering why this seemingly simple task of purchasing a few things on the Internet is such a big sweat-fest. Well let me tell you, last November when H&M’s collaboration with Versace hit the stores, fans had been camped outside the flagship stores worldwide for 24 hours, with the online store crashing and the whole collection selling out in 30 MINUTES. While the AdR collection wasn’t quite as meticulously tedious in terms of the ridiculously fast selling-out times, the whole collection did however sell out online in three hours.

So all-in-all I purchased six items from the collection, my coveted emerald earrings and necklace, a green snake bracelet, turquoise and orange snake bracelet, turquoise earrings and a crocodile bracelet with the end total coming to £148.84. Eye-watering for someone that isn’t supposed to be spending……….. But they’re so pretty. I have no regrets.

I will be sure to bloggy blog blog pictures of the actual pieces when they come in the post (Ooh, by the way, H&M dispatched my order 4 hours after I placed it!! woohoo!)