Here’s my favourite pins from Pinterest this week! I sure do love me some Pinterest! Follow me HERE.

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If you follow me on Instagram (if not, WHY NOT? You’re seriously missing out… @_hannahstocking) you’ll know that I posted a slightly stalkerish photo of a woman I saw in Homebase the other day looking absolutely FAB-U-LOUS. She was who I want to be in the future, impeccably dressed, ever so glam but with an air of “Oh this old thing? I just threw it on!” about her and I love it! She wore everything she had on, nothing wore her which is what I loved about it, she definitely seemed to have her own refined style. (pic below)



Anyway, I loved what she was wearing so much that I decided I wanted a mac like hers… I have a sneaky suspicion that hers is from Zara, although the way she carries it off it could easily be Aquascutum. Now, I actually already have a mac in the slightly darker tone like hers (I keep saying “hers” and feel rude that I’m not using a name… But then I’d feel weird making one up, non?) but I really love the style of it. It’s more effortless than my more tailored one, more “thrown on, but look how chic I am” one. Soooooooo…. Thanks to my wonderful friend Zara (the shop, I don’t actually have a friend called Zara) I’ve found one! I still need to somehow figure out a way to justify buying it, but I’m sure it won’t be long before I can think of a good enough reason. After all, I have no self control when it comes to spending money which should be saved…


Looking at both macs closer, the Zara one looks a LOT like the lovely Homebase lady’s one doesn’t it? I wish I could see the pockets on her one though… The mac does come in a darker shade exactly like hers but I think I prefer the lighter one in this style.

So who knows if I’ll end up buying it, *cough* it’s-my-birthday-on-the-26th-June *cough-cough-cough*. Ooh I seem to have a tickly throat… I shall keep you posted!