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Top row: [left] The Eiffel Tower, one of my most favourite photos ever! [middle] Saw this quote, made me laugh. Basically the story of my life. [right] My Dad’s birthday cake with sparklers, woo!
Middle row: [left] Doing uni work on the train home [middle] Saw Beyonce at The O2 Arena last week! She was unbelievably good [right] Because what’s a week on Instagram without a selfie?
Bottom row: [left] Saw this Chow Chow, it’s cute, I want it [middle] My pass for Blogger’s Fashion Week! [right] Spring has sprung in the UK!

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[Top row] Some sweet treats, relazing in the sun with Harper’s, Essie’s Mint Candy Apple.
[Middle row] My work attire, posing with a statue, my braids from Majorca.
[Bottom row] My spinal x-ray from Thursday, the streets of Cambridge, my new glasses.


I’ve used nail polishes by Essie for a while now and I’m in love with them! They last for ages, almost a whole week; the colours always seem to be true (they always come out on the nail exactly as they look in the bottle); they dry pretty quickly and they’re very easy to apply, not too thin or goopy. Not to mention their array of colours is faaaaaabulous! Last week I bought two new nail polishes from Essie, Aruba Blue and Fiji. I’ve been looking for a cobalt/electric blue hue for a while, similar to the Nails inc. Baker Street one that Beyonce has sported recently, mostly likely in honour of her daughter Blue Ivy..



I wanted a blue similar to this and found Aruba Blue at Essie, which is a cobalt blue with pearly undertones in it, I think it’s flattering on my skin tone. I took a photo here of it on my nails so I can give a fair account of how it looked on my skin.



I really love this colour! I think it will look great in both summer and winter and looks great on toes too.

The other nail polish I bought from Essie was Fiji. I’ve heard lots of people praising this one up on YouTube so I thought I’d buy it and see what I thought. It is a very light pinky/milky colour that is both modern and super easy to wear, goes with everything and I know this may sound strange to some of you (others that are into nail polishes will know what I’m talking about) but I feel this polish makes my hands look cleaner… Haha okay that does sound crazy written down and I promise that my hands are always clean anyway but some polishes can make your hands look kind of murky or… dead. And this one just brightens up my hands.. Kind of like a highlight for your hands or something.



I can’t wait to wear this colour on holiday, I think it’ll look amazing with a tan!


I just ordered this dress from the Beyoncé collection at H&M and I need a bra to go with it! Which one out of the two shall I go for?


The dress has a cut-out panel at the back in which you can see the back of a bra and I’d like one of these bras so that you can just see the matching lace, I’m not quite confident enough, or well endowed enough, to go without! I’d love to know what you think.

You can purchase the dress online or in store from H&M, £14.99.
Top bra is £11.99 from New Look and the bottom bra is £9.99 from H&M. Both are available online.


So I had a crazy busy weekend. Saturday I was in Birmingham for The Mrs Carter Show World Tour starring the one and only Beyonce. Still finding it difficult to muster up the appropriate vocabulary to describe that night. “Mindblowing”, “spectacular” and “insane” spring to mind. Before the show at the LG Arena, we went to the Bullring shopping centre for a short shopping excursion… Mainly because I knew they had a Cos and so I tactically “suggested” to my parents that we should find something to eat there. Of course I couldn’t go into Cos and not buy anything so I came out with a little something. The nude belt that I’ve been coveting for like, ever.


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So then we headed to the arena where the atmosphere was thick with excitement! Beyonce came on promptly at 9pm to perform for two hours of pure energetic FLAWLESSNESS. She told us just before singing “Flaws and All” that she had a really bad sore throat and that she didn’t feel great, but you couldn’t hear it when she sang, her showmanship and professionalism was outstanding. I would have paid double the price I did to see that show again. I literally can’t say enough good things about the whole night.

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Day two: The O2 Arena, London for P!nk where I had probably the most amazing meal I’ve ever had in TGI Friday’s….

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Time for Pink! She was also incredible, her voice is perfect and her fitness level is INSANE. Those tricks she does with the acrobatics.. Amazing! Most of the time she’s not attatched to anything either which is what makes you realise her physical strength.

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So my weekend was crazy busy travelling up and down the country, also very tiring, but it was SOOOO worth it. I had such a brilliant time and the only flaw is that I can’t relive it. I now have two much-needed days off work, hopefully checking out the new Inglot store that has just opened in Cambridge which I can’t wait for!



Education, health and justice are all things everybody deserves a right to. Everyone.

But in certain parts of our world, this is not apparent. Women especially are isolated in society due to lack of education, poor or no healthcare and a weak male-dominated justice system. Chime For Change is an organisation focusing on the awareness of lack of women’s rights in certain areas of the world. It is a global campaign to bring together women from all around the world to empower, inspire and influence anyone who’ll listen, and they should.

The organisation founded by Gucci creative director, Frida Ginanni, along with Beyonce and Salma Hayek have come together to organise a charity concert in London named ‘The Sound of Change’ on 1st June to raise money for this inspirational cause. Held at Twickenham Stadium, the concert will feature performances from artists such as Florence and the Machine, Ellie Goulding, HAIM, Iggy Azalea, John Legend, Timbaland, Rita Ora, Laura Pausini with of course a headlining performance from Queen Bey herself, as well as other acts to be announced.

The Sound of Change will be televised globally to ensure maximum coverage and exposure. More infomation on global broadcasting will be available nearer the time. Proceeds from all tickets sales will go to the organisation, underwritten by Gucci to ensure that all proceeds go to worthy projects and causes.

To purchase tickets for the one-off concert click HERE
To read more about the organisation, the founders and it’s projects, click HERE