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H&M have collaborated with many amazing figures in the fashion world over the past 8 or so years and their latest project is in conjunction with the style maven that is Isabel Marant. Everybody’s go-to girl for practical, stylish, Parisian-chic clothing has collaborated with H&M for a new collection due out in November and earlier this week H&M teased us all with a preview of the upcoming collection.


What we will get from this collection is anyone’s guess but be sure that it’ll greatly reflect Marant’s style ethos from her runway collections. Wedged trainers? Tassle boots? Cropped moto leather trousers? Stylish knits? Who knows, but as H&M’s most anticipated collaboration yet, I certainly can’t wait to see what Ms Marant brings to the table with H&M! November 14th brings us the official launch of the line, with both womenswear AND menswear, along with shoes and accessories.


Being late is sometimes deemed fashionable, other times plain rude. But with these Kate Spade watches you can be both fashionable and on time. I came across one Kate Spade watch in a street style snap on Pinterest and googled Kate Spade watches and lo and behold, they’re all fabulous. For some reason the faces of the watches remind me of a sweet shop (or candy store), very cute and girly, but not to OTT or showy. Here’s a selection of my favourites…



Aren’t they darling? I think they’re perfect! I especially love the black and white ones, just takes your armwear up to a whole new level!

To see more, go to Kate Spade’s official website.