Stripes are my thing. Preferably in classic black and white, but I’ll welcome them anywhere be it an item of clothing or accessory (or 4), but I do think that stripes can take on a whole new world of their own when styled as an interior focal-point. All photos are, of course, from Pinterest. Follow me here.
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I just bought a new lens for my Nikon D3200 (35mm) and although it’s taking some getting used to, I love it! My photos have gone from poor iPhone quality, to below mediocre digital camera quality, to actually alright photos from my DSLR! I’m no David Bailey by any stretch of the imagination, but I like to give it a go. Fake it ’til you make it, right?

Here are some photos I took over the Christmas period.

I’d just like to point out how proud I am of the light I decorated in our dining room. Bought all the supplies and baubles and decorated it myself. Nice little brag there.

photo 2-4 copy 2 photo 3-3 copy 2 photo 4-3 copy photo 1-4 copy 2 photo 1-4 copy 3 photo 3-3 copy 3 photo 4-3 photo 2-4 copy 3 photo 5-2 copyI don’t drink Jack Daniels (or much at all), this was a gift! Just a small disclaimer 😉

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Unbeknownst to my brother, I played paparazzo and he’s now on my blog.

photo 1-4 copy 4 photo 2-4 copy 4I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a fabulous New Year! xo


It’s January…. As in, a whole new year has begun. I hope you all had a wonderfully fulfilling Christmas and celebrated the new year with as much drunken debauchery as your heart desired. As generic as it sounds, a new year obviously signifies new beginnings, a fresh start. This year my resolutions are mainly to get this blog going properly, hopefully posting more regularly… I enjoy putting posts up and receiving your feedback, it’s always encouraging!
Another resolution is to stick to a spending budget. Ha! It’s laughable but I’m honestly going to try! I’m working full time now and I’ve never earned as much money as I am so for me to have a decent amount of money in my bank account is too much for my fashion-brain to handle! Here’s an example… Two days after Christmas, when the sales were already one day in, I decided to buy myself a McQueen dress. Yes, you did see that right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Why do I need a McQueen dress? I don’t know. Lust? Love? Madness? But anyway…. The point is I spend too much and I need to reeeeel it in. By miles. No more designer clothing. No more expensive beauty sprees. No more shoe-buying. I have enough clothes. I have more shoes than I have room for and I have over 50 lipsticks. I think I’m good for the next 7 years, let alone just 2013.

So 2013 is the year I also go off to university…. I’m going to The University for the Creative Arts in Epsom to study Fashion Journalism in September and in all honesty I can’t wait! I’ve no idea why on earth thought I needed a gap year because I feel like I just want to get out there.

There are a couple of other personal achievements I hope to reach this year, just silly things to make myself feel better I suppose!

Anyway, this has been a rather ramble-ramble post and it’s not really going anywhere so I’ll sign off here! I have a blog post planned on my current favourite trend for this winter so that should be up in a couple of days!

Happy New Year!


So… I perhaps should’ve said something along the lines of “farewell” in my last post, the amount of time I’ve been AWOL. Apologies apologies apologies and more apologies for the lack of posting of the past few months!! I’ve been so busy with my last A Level exams at school, that I just haven’t had the time to write any quality blog posts. Since the beginning, I’ve pledged to only write posts of substance and not just posting for the sake of posting, basically I want you to actually have something interesting to read rather than just a crappy post that took me 2 minutes. 

But things are now about to change!! Now that my exams are over, I have enough time to dedicate it to posting on my blog – of which I am currently planning many many posts for! Lots of exciting things for me to research and bring to you over the upcoming weeks, including my 18th birthday celebrations, Madonna concerts, and a couple of reviews – among other fashion-related articles! 

So this has basically been a quick update post to let you all know that I haven’t died or forgotten about you (although you’ve quite possibly forgotten about me). So I hope you haven’t missed me too much (?) and look forward to your responses on my upcoming blog posts!