Pinterest really does save me from myself sometimes. Everyone needs some Pinterest in their lives! Here’s a selection of pins that I’ve loved this week. Follow me on Pinterest here.

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So as you’ll know from a previous post, I have recently embraced minimalism, which I must say is stepping into very new, very strange territory for me. I’m a Galliano/Westwood/McQueen girl so for me to embrace the simplicity of the Celine’s of the catwalk is a big BIG fashion step.

My two favourite collections from A/W13 that embraced the art of minimalism were by far Celine and Apiece Apart.
I adored the fabric layering and contrasting materials at Celine, as well as those TODIEFOR ankle boots!



And then there was a certain kind of androgynous-sexiness going on at Apiece Apart that I was just so drawn to. All the looks just seem so easy to wear, go with everything and give off a ‘I-just-threw-this-on-and-don’t-I-look-seemlessly-amazing?’ look.

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