Polish makeup brand Inglot has opened up their second store in the UK, and it’s in none other than my hometown, Cambridge. This announcement has excited me no end and after much tweeting and googling, and one visit with a let-down, the store is finally open in the Grafton Centre! I went there a few weeks ago and was enthralled! I love love LOVE their Freedom System which allows you to build your own customised makeup station complete with everything you need in a compact, hygienic and handy way!

photo-6 photo-7

I have yet to fill my palette, I only bought six shades of eyeshadows, but the ones that I did buy I’m in love with! The pigment is amazing, their range of colours is astounding and the overall quality is divine! The packaging system is genius too! Everything is magnetic to you can pile up the palettes, they come in all different sizes so you can create what you like. Spaces for blushes, concealers, powders and pan lipsticks is also available in the palettes (shown below, not my photo).


I would thoroughly recommend Inglot to a friend, or anyone who wants a really amazing eyeshadow palette that’s not stupidly expensive. I think I paid about £30 for the palette and 6 eyeshadows. I can’t wait to go back when I get paid a fill the rest of my palette!

Side note… The inside of the carrier bag is ruby red so the bag resembles a Louboutin shoe. COMPLETELY SOLD! I’m a sucker for a gorgeous carrier bag.


I did however have one gripe with the store, to do with the staff, but I’m saving the details of that for a separate blog post.


So I haven’t been feeling well for the past week (having MAJOR girly issues… Say no more) and whenever I’m feeling down and low or ill and in need of a pick-me-up I always turn to Pinterest. Well in all honesty I turn to Pinterest whenever I’m feeling anything, but illness in particular is a good excuse for some down-time and therefore a good ol’ all night Pinterest sesh. So here is my (extra long) Pinterest post for you, all of which are photos that help add a spring to my step and a smile to my face. Enjoy! Follow me on Pinterest HERE.

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… And it’s been wreaking havoc in New Yawwk for Fashion Week. Many members of Fashion’s elite set have been no doubt panicking in their Louboutins this week, which they refuse to take off in the trechorous NY weather. Storms and blizzards aside however, this fashion week so far has brought much drama, glamour and gorgeousness to the fashion world! More blogs to come from this season so far from NYC! I cant wait to share my favourite shows!

Even a blizzard won’t stop the fash pack from rocking the Blahniks.