Summer is here (although the grey clouds and low temperatures here in England suggest otherwise) which means it’s time to revamp our Winter wardrobes – If you live in most other countries you would’ve done this months ago, but this is the land where Spring and Autumn do not exist; the months simply seem to have no definition. Below are my top picks for Spring and Summer – I am absolutely loving the new collection from & Other Stories, I want every single piece!



So I had a crazy busy weekend. Saturday I was in Birmingham for The Mrs Carter Show World Tour starring the one and only Beyonce. Still finding it difficult to muster up the appropriate vocabulary to describe that night. “Mindblowing”, “spectacular” and “insane” spring to mind. Before the show at the LG Arena, we went to the Bullring shopping centre for a short shopping excursion… Mainly because I knew they had a Cos and so I tactically “suggested” to my parents that we should find something to eat there. Of course I couldn’t go into Cos and not buy anything so I came out with a little something. The nude belt that I’ve been coveting for like, ever.


photo-5 copy 2

So then we headed to the arena where the atmosphere was thick with excitement! Beyonce came on promptly at 9pm to perform for two hours of pure energetic FLAWLESSNESS. She told us just before singing “Flaws and All” that she had a really bad sore throat and that she didn’t feel great, but you couldn’t hear it when she sang, her showmanship and professionalism was outstanding. I would have paid double the price I did to see that show again. I literally can’t say enough good things about the whole night.

photo-5 copy

Day two: The O2 Arena, London for P!nk where I had probably the most amazing meal I’ve ever had in TGI Friday’s….

photo-5 copy 3

Time for Pink! She was also incredible, her voice is perfect and her fitness level is INSANE. Those tricks she does with the acrobatics.. Amazing! Most of the time she’s not attatched to anything either which is what makes you realise her physical strength.

photo-5 copy 4

So my weekend was crazy busy travelling up and down the country, also very tiring, but it was SOOOO worth it. I had such a brilliant time and the only flaw is that I can’t relive it. I now have two much-needed days off work, hopefully checking out the new Inglot store that has just opened in Cambridge which I can’t wait for!


So it has to be said, I’ve FINALLY got into the whole “minimalism” thing. I don’t know how, I don’t know why but all of a sudden I find myself craving me some Jil Sander-esque almost clinically minimalistic attire. Cos is my new best friend.

I’ve always been a maximalist. ALWAYS. I’ve always been the “sequins and leopard print” kind of gal, but I’ve just recently been embracing the joys of a plain white tee. Perhaps my tastes are a-changing, my eyes are looking at things in a whole new light and my brain is wanting a clean slate.

I’m just going to go ahead and show you some of my favourite minimalist pieces from Cos this week. Cos is AMAZING. Really, it is. Not too expensive, the quality is that of a designer brand and best of all, everything looks like it could literally be Jil Sander. What more could you possibly want? Visit Cos