My past week on Instagram in a nice little bite-size frame. Follow me here.


Top row: [left] Laduree treats. [centre] I plan on getting two more cartilage piercings once mine has healed, I love this! [right] Iggy Azalea’s album finally dropped, I lahhhhv it! Middle row: [left] A rare sunny selfie. [centre] Bought a new nail varnish, this is Essie’s ‘Bikini-So-Teeny’, such a fresh Spring shade. [right] Future me. Bottom Row: [left] Last supper before the end of our first year of uni! TGI’s with great company. [centre] Summer scenes in the countryside. [right] my lipstick addiction has reached its peak.


I spent my Sunday taking photos in the countryside while the weather stayed (relatively) decent. The rape seed is showing it’s face, much to my hayfever-prone mother’s dismay, and it makes for some pretty spring-time photos! I also went stalking the pretty cottages in the surrounding villages because hey, why not?

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