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This Vivienne Westwood necklace is probably the answer to everyone’s problems. It’s the answer to world hunger, all recessions and the peacemaker in war-torn countries. Okay well maybe not, but it does solve a lot of my problems. Well at least I think it does. Does it? I don’t know. Look, ALL I KNOW IS THAT THIS NECKLACE IS AMAZING AND I CAN’T HAVE IT BECAUSE IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE AND I WANT TO CRY. Moment over, enjoy this piece of beauty in all it’s emerald glory.



Necklace: £125 Vivienne Westwood S/S2013 collection.

Also available are matching earrings and a bangle, for more info on the ‘Emerald Frames’ collection click here.


Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania collection unveiled their lookbook for Spring/Summer 2013, and I LOVEITSOMUCHIWANTITALLOMG. *sigh*

These pieces are all PERFECT. I don’t need to say much about them, you’ll see for yourselves. But the colours, Westwood-cuts, styling, just EVERYTHING.

I need to win the lottery, like now.

To see more, click on this link… Also, there you can purchase the items (if you can afford it, I hate you.) I need a spare £320 for those DIVINE Safari Brigadier Trousers.

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