Couture Week’s are my absolute favourites. The glamour, the imagination, the pomp and the delight. For me, it’s so far removed from reality it’s an art form of escapism, a means of being free for the few minutes of feasting my eyes on the extravagance of each piece. From Old Hollywood glamour, glitz and sophistication at Elie Saab, the over-the-top leopard and fur-ness at Jean Paul Gaultier to understated-overstated shapes and fabrics at Ulyana Sergeenko, Fall 2013 Couture was certainly a sight to be seen.


photo-43 photo-42

Nothing says allure like the colour back. Black with minimal hair, makeup and flat shoes is alluring at it’s best. The Viktor & Rolf show provided such allure. With the draped silks, modest shapes and contrasting furs, paired with flat sandals, the show was a contradiction of terms. A couture show with opulence in fabrics and styles with a twist of minimalist pairings. 


photo-41 photo-40 

As ever, Sergeenko takes references from her Russian heritage for her Fall couture collection. Showing a juxtaposition of stockings-and-suspenders with a high necked Victorian collar alongside virginal white fur with orange leather demi-gloves.The show was a beautiful medley of constricted values of rules with rebellion peaking through.


photo-39 photo-38


Opulence, glamour and other-worldly are all words that can always be used to describe a Gaultier couture show. Fall 2013 did not sway from this way of thinking. Feathers, fur, sequins, tailoring, leopard, headwear, veils, glitz, leather, lace, jewels, chains, velvet, silk, chiffon are all elements of this show, along with, as you can imagine, many many more. There was a tone of burlesque to the show, many circle elements in the garments; figure hugging and curve creating shapes that emphasise the female form, keeping much to Gaultier’s signature style.


photo-37 photo-36


The Elie Saab show was Elie Saab Elie Saab Elie Saab. His dresses have become iconic and easily recognisable for their classic shapes, OTT glitz, sophisticated elegance and movie-star quality. There is never a collection of his that wouldn’t make you feel a million billion dollars if you were one of the lucky few to be able to even try one of his gowns on. The Fall 2013 collection was no different. With his muted tones of taupe, nude and mauve paired with his classic aubergines, ruby and emerald; the collection was as glamorous as ever, a collection to be lusted, desired and pored over forever… Or at least until the next collection.


photo-35 photo-34 photo-33


There is always excitement that surrounds a Dior show, especially since Raf Simons took over as creative director. The Fall couture collection did not disappoint the many anxiously anticipating spectators in the audience. ‘Freedom’ was the starting point for the creation of this collection by Simons and it was certainly apparent in the lack of restriction in the garments, with still possessing a form fitting silhouette and immaculate lines. The freedom comes mainly from the fabrics used in the collection. From muted sequins to jewel toned taffeta and silks; full length fringing and hints of Houndstooth, the show was sprinkled with surprises.


photo-32 photo-31 photo-30


Alexis Mabille’s influence for his Fall 2013 couture show came from the brush strokes from eighteenth century painter Giovanni Boldini. You can definitely see in this collection Mabille’s creative marriage of bring old and new styles together, tying them with the definitive idea of the brush strokes and art pieces. Beautifully crafted silks, chiffons and brocade frame the show with the idea of mixture heavily present.


photo-29 photo-28


Being a favourite for red carpet goers, Zuhair Murad’s Fall 2013 collection is one in which can be imagined being worn by the world’s most famous and glamorous faces. With an edgy twist, this collection brought us the tying of classic glamour with sex appeal and understated controversy. Opulence is what Murad does best and this collection did not fail to bring us the pomp and glitz that consumers crave when observing a Zuhair Murad show. I love the idea of the gowns being modestly covering the body, with hints of flesh peaking through wide set lace, sparsely placed sequins or chiffon. 


So I couldn’t stick with my minimalism obsession strictly, so here is a break from all the clean lines and block colours with some fantasy-land-esque numbers from the one and only Vivienne Westwood. I’m going to pick looks from both the Vivienne Westwood A/W13 collection and the Vivienne Westwood Red Label A/W13 collection because I simply can’t decide on a favourite show to review.

Here are my highlights from the Vivienne Westwood show:

photo-1 (6) photo-3 (2) photo-4 (2) photo-5


Aren’t they just to die for? The tulle, the contrasts of colour and texture, the hair and makeup, the gooooorgeous footwear. Pure fantasy clothing that will make your eyes pop and get your heart racing. Beyond your wildest dreams.

Now for the Red Label collection:

photo-7 photo-8 photo-9 photo-10

It had more of a 50s pin-up vibe to it with obvious Westwood touches of glam. With her signature shapes, necklines and bold fabric choices, this collection was a shining star or A/W13. And can I just give an extra mention to THAT petrol-irredescent biker jacket paired with the sequinned harem pants? OH-EM-GEE. I would die.


… And it’s been wreaking havoc in New Yawwk for Fashion Week. Many members of Fashion’s elite set have been no doubt panicking in their Louboutins this week, which they refuse to take off in the trechorous NY weather. Storms and blizzards aside however, this fashion week so far has brought much drama, glamour and gorgeousness to the fashion world! More blogs to come from this season so far from NYC! I cant wait to share my favourite shows!

Even a blizzard won’t stop the fash pack from rocking the Blahniks.


Marchesa cofounders Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have expanded their exclusively formalwear brand and introduced a daywear collection. The design duo have named their line Marchesa Vogage, joining their bridal collection and their line of cocktail dresses under the moniker Notte. With bohemian references as well as the first-hand experience of both designers being pregnant with their second child, it is no doubt going to be a collection of glamour-for-the-daytime, and the line being priced at a very reasonable price range of $100-$400. According to WWD, nothing in the collection is plain or basic, in true Marchesa style, and no doubt this more accessible and wearable line is still just as covetable as the high-end red carpet dress line.

The collection includes printed silks, furs, embellished denim and pieces with extensive embroidery, Chapman explained at a recent preview of the collection:

We felt like we needed it to have personality. There would have to be a reason for someone to buy it… Something Keren and I had always wanted to do was a loungewear deal – the Marchesa in her palazzo.”

I can’t wait to see the rest of this collection! Affordable Marchesa?!

photo-1 (5)


What could I possibly find more exciting than a monochrome collection, given my adoration of black&white? A monochrome couture collection you say?!

Ohhh yes, boy oh boy am I talking couture. Couture with Hollywood glamour, androgyny, sharp tailoring, shiny things AND a slight hint of emerald green? No, it cannot be! They say that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. But not in this case!! Here I bring you the Stephane Rolland Spring Couture 2013 show shown in Paris last week, and my, what a spectacle! My commentary could never do this collection justice so I’ll just say this: I will go to bed tonight dreaming of walking into work, Starbucks, my old school, or wherever my imagination takes me, wearing any piece from this collection. Because let’s face it, to wear any of these, you’d automatically become a superstar.

photo-1 photo-2 photo-3 photo-4 photo-5


The perfect mix of red carpet glamour, show-stopping eccentricity and underwater chic, the Oscar Carvallo Spring Couture 2013 show was a triumph for the designer who presented a collection of spectacular standards. Soft, warm and flattering tones emblazoned dressed with notable purity, garments embellished with the most darling scale-effects were on show giving the whole look a kinetic feel, making the garment move with the rhythm of the body. Mixed with modern pixie-cuts, these ultimately-chic ensembles portrayed a life of glitz, glam and most notably, a character that a girl is in her underwater fantasies, a mermaid of the finest silks, no less.

photo-2 photo-3 photo-1


Fairytale princess meets Hollywood glamour, isn’t this how every girly girl with a taste for anything fabulous wants to feel? Elie Saab provides just that, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Without fail, every Saab collection makes me drift off into fantasy land, into a world of glitz, allure and razzle-dazzle. It wouldn’t be untrue if I said that when I first laid my eyes on the photos from the Elie Saab Spring Couture 2013 show, is made my heart flutter and brought a tear to my eye, no exaggeration. I am the kind of eager fashion-follower where for the most part, when feasting my eyes through collections, I can’t wait for the gowns in the finale… Couture shows, and Elie Saab, are just heaven-sent for Hannah. Couture is EVERYTHING. I wonder what it feels like to wear Elie Saab? To walk, no WALTZ, into a room looking like divinity itself while sparkling like a diamond in the not-so rough. Just feast your eyes on these… For the record, I couldn’t choose just a few photos from the collection, so here’s a few more for your enjoyment.

photo-1 photo-2 photo-3 photo-4 photo-5 photo-6 photo-7 photo-8