I’m always one to have a book on the go, all does not sit well with me if I do not have a book to read. I will read ANYTHING. Obviously I have my favourite and least favourite genres, most of the time I like reading into people that I admire or who inspire me in some way. I’m currently reading Chanel: An Intimate Life by Lisa Chaney about Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, and it’s brilliant. Really well researched and with plenty of depth; the book is a must read for anyone interested in fashion.

It goes through Chanel’s life story, from her dire upbringing, to her love affairs and her eventual mega-success and the accompanying photographs provide a visual insight into Gabrielle Chanel’s personal life.

I would thoroughly recommend it, I haven’t yet finished it, but really wanted to mention it on my blog as it’s definitely a book that I’m so so glad I bought!

I bought mine from Harrods, but you can buy it from Amazon by clicking here.


Many department stores all over the world have very strong teams of Visual Merchandisers to bring in customers, boost sales and give the store an overall independent and unique vibe. With the Mecca of such department stores, Harrods, opening their Christmas store as early as late-July, it is a proven point that merchandising matters. The way products are marketed, presented to customers and psychologically distributed around the stores can have MAJOR impacts on sales figures.

Mega-brand John Lewis are no different. Aside from the (way too early) Christmas store at Harrods, John Lewis however do go all out on their seasonal displays. John Lewis pride themselves on their incredible ability to lure in customers with their spectacular merchandise displays both in store and in the branch windows.

In August last year, I completed a two-week work placement with the Visual Merchandising department of John Lewis in Cambridge where I learnt all about the way in which the brand operates its selling and merchandising schemes, as well as how the way something is presented to consumers can up sales considerably for certain product ranges. As a work experience student, I was there shadowing different members of the VM team each day. I helped with duties such as picking stock for seasonal displays and “major” displays known as “spectaculars”, dressing mannequins in all departments, distributing sale and promotional banners around the store, ironing and preparing stock for displays, refreshing bedroom displays, taking a Marc Jacobs fragrance banner to the printer to be resized, as well as helping to co-ordinate sites for the Armani and Back-to-School seasonal spectaculars.

It was definitely an experience that makes you think differently when you go shopping for yourself. I know it certainly makes me feel for those that set up the big-scale mannequin displays, those things are the most awkward, back-breaking bleeders ever!

I also got to sit in on the weekly team meetings where discussions took place about store sales that week (SUCH an eye opener!), recruitment of new staff which I found particularly interesting as it was discussed, very honestly, what they wanted and didn’t want in a VM candidate, as well as discussing the pro’s and con’s of certain candidates.

I really enjoyed my two weeks at John Lewis, I met some great people, gained experience that I found particularly intriguing, plus while I was there I got into uni which is a day I will never forget! I also got a card and gift all signed by the team as a congratulations! Definitely left on a high!

Below is a small array of some displays that I created.

photo-3 (12) photo-3 (13) photo-3 (14) photo-3 (15)


With connections at Vogue, Harrods and Harvey Nichols; Rave reviews from Stella McCartney and Chanel; and been mentioned in Vogue after interviewing Roland Mouret, Enya Morrisroe is a sure-fire up-and-coming powerhouse. Morrisroe’s brand EJMfashion comprises of many aspects of the fashion industry, from designing innovative collections each season, to enlisting her very own photographer, Charles Davis to accompany the brand image; Morrisroe states that she had a “love affair between photography and fashion” and that she loves “turning a garment into one beautiful picture which speaks a thousand words”. Also acting as PR manager to rapidly growing new young designer Daniel Bird (DB Boutique), she has proven herself to be a true hard-worker when it comes to her career and the boosting of others’.
You’d think that all these achievements (and many more) would come from the CV of a well-established fashion-business guru. However you’d be wrong. Guru-in-the-making Morrisroe is just a girl from Yorkshire on an exciting adventure to become the powerhouse that she and her company deserve. Having written articles for Harrods, interviewed the Harrods spokesperson, attended Both London and New York Fashion Weeks, gained contacts at John Lewis PR AND running a successful fashion blog, it’s hard to believe Morrisroe’s brand has only been running for 3 years. However, with the likes of Vogue on her CV, the brand will no doubt become one of the greats in years to come. But what an already amazingly successful 3 years it has been!
In celebration, I asked Enya herself where she sees the brand in 10 years’ time and what she hopes the brand will evolve into in the future…

”That’s an interesting question really. I see myself working within the industry, either as a PR girl or Journalist. The blog will still be going, travelling and experiencing the events of the fashion calendar. I’d love to own an apartment in NYC.
As for the brand, I’d love to see EJMfashion as a fully launched brand; the collection on the LFW Newgen Catwalk at Somerset house and see the collection on the rails of the respectable department stores.
I also would like to be a part of helping the new talent in the industry, helping to create their own brand and career.”