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[Top row] Testing my new fish-eye lens, Hermes hardware, My Hermes purchase. [middle row] My new favourite nail polis "Aruba Blue" by Essie, the AMAZING Galliano interview in Vanity Fair, my latest haul at Inglot [bottom row] selfie, selfie, I joined Vine!

[Top row] Testing my new fish-eye lens, Hermes hardware, My Hermes purchase.
[Middle row] My new favourite nail polish “Aruba Blue” by Essie, the AMAZING Galliano interview in Vanity Fair, my latest haul at Inglot
[Bottom row] Selfie, selfie, I joined Vine!


Before I formally start this I’m going to say please read my last post. It was all about my purchases from Inglot in Cambridge and I absolutely love what I bought. While I do love the brand, I have one thing to complain about in terms of the store: The staff and customer service. I wasn’t happy with the fact that being the only customer in the store at the time, the two sales assistants were standing around the shop speaking in Polish as I was choosing my colours for my Freedom System… I considered this to be extremely rude, no? When I finished finding my colours, I then had to interrupt THEM to tell one of them that I’d finished and that I’d like to pay. I, being the paying customer and ONLY customer in the store, shouldn’t have had to be the one to feel like I was interrupting anything! I feel slightly outraged actually. When I got home, I decided to email Inglot saying that as much as I love the brand, and I really do, and how happy I was with my purchases, I found the staff to be rude enough to be speaking in another language in front of me. That email was sent on May 12th and I am yet to receive a reply… I’m not holding my breath. Below is a copy of the exact email I sent:

Dear Sir/Madam,  I am writing as a loyal customer and genuine fan of Inglot with regards to my recent excursion to the Cambridge branch where I was excited to finally visit my favourite makeup brand’s store for the first time. After previously purchasing products online, I was eager to visit the store in person. While I was thrilled with the actual shop; the testers were clean, surfaces shiny and staff available to help; I also found that on one occasion while choosing eyeshadows that I was slightly put off. This was due to the staff seeming vacant when I was the only customer in the store as the two shop assistants were huddled together speaking Polish, of which I could not understand. While I’m sure they were talking about work (they were both pointing at lipsticks), as the only customer in the newly opened store at the time, I felt alienated as a paying customer. At one point, I needed assistance with choosing my colours for my freedom system palette but I felt, bizarrely, like I was interrupting THEM. While I did make a purchase and very happily so, I still feel like I would be more comfortable purchasing my favourite items online rather than visiting the store after the way I felt.  Anticipating your kind response.


Hannah Stocking

The fact that I haven’t even received a reply to my email is bugging me, I expected a lot more from the customer service of Inglot, it has to be said. I am disappointed in the brand after experiencing this, not enough to put me off shopping there, but it will make me view the company in a different light. Are any other brands or stores that you’ve had a bad experience with? What happened? Let me know!



Polish makeup brand Inglot has opened up their second store in the UK, and it’s in none other than my hometown, Cambridge. This announcement has excited me no end and after much tweeting and googling, and one visit with a let-down, the store is finally open in the Grafton Centre! I went there a few weeks ago and was enthralled! I love love LOVE their Freedom System which allows you to build your own customised makeup station complete with everything you need in a compact, hygienic and handy way!

photo-6 photo-7

I have yet to fill my palette, I only bought six shades of eyeshadows, but the ones that I did buy I’m in love with! The pigment is amazing, their range of colours is astounding and the overall quality is divine! The packaging system is genius too! Everything is magnetic to you can pile up the palettes, they come in all different sizes so you can create what you like. Spaces for blushes, concealers, powders and pan lipsticks is also available in the palettes (shown below, not my photo).


I would thoroughly recommend Inglot to a friend, or anyone who wants a really amazing eyeshadow palette that’s not stupidly expensive. I think I paid about £30 for the palette and 6 eyeshadows. I can’t wait to go back when I get paid a fill the rest of my palette!

Side note… The inside of the carrier bag is ruby red so the bag resembles a Louboutin shoe. COMPLETELY SOLD! I’m a sucker for a gorgeous carrier bag.


I did however have one gripe with the store, to do with the staff, but I’m saving the details of that for a separate blog post.