So it seems like bleedin’ ages since I last posted on here! 2 weeks is a long time in the fashion blogosphere! So first of all, my life is all up in the air right now; I’m heading off to uni in a couple of weeks’ time and I’ve been busy sorting everything out for that, sorting accommodation, fees, things I need to buy, and enrolment blah blah blah etc etc etc.

So while all of that has been happening (on top of working 40 hours a week) my MacBook Pro (which is only 4 months old, might I add) decided to end it’s life on me. My laptop, in terms, committed technological suicide and I will now be without my beloved MacBook for *at least* a week while Apple and their ‘Genius’ *cough* team figure out what’s wrong with it.

*big sigh*

So all in all it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and the next couple of weeks are looking just as cray so I apologise for my imminent lack of posting! I will be back into the swing of things (hopefully) when I get my laptop back next week!

I will hopefully be doing a blog post on my starting uni; what I’m taking, the course I’m doing, my personal thoughts etc. in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!



Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 18.34.03

How much I adore these boots from All Saints cannot be sufficiently described with human language. Okay, perhaps that’s taking my love for them a bit too far and seeing as I’m currently writing a blog post on them, it’s pointless trying to say I can’t find any words. But I do love them, very much. They are the Bonny Cuban boots in Taupe, they’ll go with everything, last for yonks and still stay classic. So why am i hesitating you may ask? Because they also come with a £165 price tag. urgh. So close and yet so far.



After months and months of patiently waiting (not without a few moments of frustration over the dire speed of my previous laptop) I finally have my MacBook Pro! I’m still getting used to it, it’s a big change from my old and faithful (well, apart from the time it blue-screened one week before my university interview with my whole un-backed-up portfolio on it) Dell laptop which I’ve had for the past 5 years.

Now that I have the laptop, the next task is to try and find a case which is both practical and stylish to accessorise it with… So far, my top pick is this one by Marc Jacobs in Pale Mink which is such a gorgeous colour… I’ll keep you posted on which one I decide to buy.

As for the MacBook, as I said I’m just getting used to it, I love all the bells and whistles like the backlit keyboard, the App Store and the sleek look of the actual device. Speed-wise it’s much faster and powerful than any other computer I’ve owned, however due to my dreadful Internet connection availability at home, the speed is probably not showcasing its potential.

Any Mac tips and tricks would be much appreciated, I feel like I’m not using mine to its full potential because I am yet to be made privy to all of its possible features.