So… I perhaps should’ve said something along the lines of “farewell” in my last post, the amount of time I’ve been AWOL. Apologies apologies apologies and more apologies for the lack of posting of the past few months!! I’ve been so busy with my last A Level exams at school, that I just haven’t had the time to write any quality blog posts. Since the beginning, I’ve pledged to only write posts of substance and not just posting for the sake of posting, basically I want you to actually have something interesting to read rather than just a crappy post that took me 2 minutes. 

But things are now about to change!! Now that my exams are over, I have enough time to dedicate it to posting on my blog – of which I am currently planning many many posts for! Lots of exciting things for me to research and bring to you over the upcoming weeks, including my 18th birthday celebrations, Madonna concerts, and a couple of reviews – among other fashion-related articles! 

So this has basically been a quick update post to let you all know that I haven’t died or forgotten about you (although you’ve quite possibly forgotten about me). So I hope you haven’t missed me too much (?) and look forward to your responses on my upcoming blog posts!


17th July 2012. 19th July 2012. 8th September 2012. Probably just three insignificant dates to those reading this. And yes, they do seem rather random. However these three dates have a bittersweet meaning to me. On the one hand, they will most likely be the best days of the year for me, and on the other hand… Well, let’s just say that they’ve made my bank account look like it was bombed in a world war. Sparse to say the least. The two dates in July are when I will be seeing Madonna and the other date in September is seeing Lady Gaga. I don’t expect you all to be as eye-wateringly excited at this as me, just keep in mind that I’ve saved up for near enough a year for this.

Once the tickets were bought, I felt a mix of euphoria of finally having the tickets in my hand (well, for the deliriously annoying ticket maverick that is Ticketmaster to send them) and the relief and panic of ticket-buying finally over, to the thought of the tiny-but-still-significant number that sits heart-wrenchingly alone at the bottom of my wishfully rich bank account.

Since having the money ceremoniously wrenched from my being by said ticket maverick, my soul has felt empty. Okay maybe that was piling on too much philosophy for the dire state of my bank account, but still. I hate not having money, makes me feel insignificant and well, poor. And that’s not to say I feel superior to others when I have money, because I don’t. It’s totally a personal thing, I feel superior to myself when I have money in my account.

I recently laid out onto my bed all my purchases from that week and almost cried (wiping my tears with a lonesome £5 note). The amount of silly purchases that I realised I didn’t really need was incredible. This gave me scope for a blog post… I’ve decided to spend the next week taking photos. Photos of everything that happens in my week, boring or interesting. I’ll capture purchases, outfits, happy moments, sad moments. Everything. Well, almost everything.

I’ll let you into my extremely interesting and lively world. A world where you will no doubt wish you were a part of. (Note: sarcasm is my main source of humour, detect it in the last two sentences I wrote).

So come back next week to read all about my week and see the photographic evidence!




I suppose I could be slated for being a bit of a hypocrite, because this blog post is praising something which I am usually wholeheartedly against… Celebrity- endorsed fashion lines. Madonna and her creative director Arianne Philips have teamed up with the Aldo Group Inc to design a new range of shoes set to be launched for Fall 2012. Now, it usually makes my fashion brain ache when I hear that a celebrity has come out with some sort of line of clothing that they “designed”, and don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Madonna didn’t exactly sit down and sketch for hours on end. However, I do have a lot of respect for Madonna and typically jump to her defence at the drop of a hat.
Having recently teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana to launch her own range of sunglasses with them and launched her Material Girl Collection with her daughter Lourdes, it seems Madonna may have caught the design bug.
So back to the shoes themselves, with print adverts being due to be released next month with Madonna herself featuring in them, and plans for herself and her dancers to wear modified versions on her new World Tour, there is no doubt that these shoes will be promoted to within an inch of their lives.
With prices ranging from $89 to $349, they are, I would say, the perfect price range for somebody who is trying to prove herself as a legitimate designer and not just a cash cow. Well okay, maybe not. Anyway, there are apparently over 60 styles available in the range including flats, heels, booties and Madonna’s ever-present and trusty over-the-knee boots.
With all this excitement buzzing around the shoes and the perfume she’s also releasing with the name ‘Truth or Dare?’ I sure can’t wait to see the rest of the line!
As well as shoes, there are currently plans to launch a range of intimates later this year and legwear and accessories in 2013! All hail the queen!