I’ve been on a break from unit for the past two weeks and of course I have spent much of my free time on my beloved Pinterest (follow me here). I have decided to show you some of my favourite minimalist interiors. It’s funny how a “minimalist” look can look like it took so much time and planning to create.

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As I sit here in my tiny, cramped room at uni, surrounded by paperwork, chargers, leads, pens, makeup and everything else that can’t seem to make space for; I scroll through my Pinterest feed and see tons of amazing, organised and fresh-looking desks and workspaces in which I dream of requiring. Follow me on Pinterest here.

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So as you’ll know from a previous post, I have recently embraced minimalism, which I must say is stepping into very new, very strange territory for me. I’m a Galliano/Westwood/McQueen girl so for me to embrace the simplicity of the Celine’s of the catwalk is a big BIG fashion step.

My two favourite collections from A/W13 that embraced the art of minimalism were by far Celine and Apiece Apart.
I adored the fabric layering and contrasting materials at Celine, as well as those TODIEFOR ankle boots!



And then there was a certain kind of androgynous-sexiness going on at Apiece Apart that I was just so drawn to. All the looks just seem so easy to wear, go with everything and give off a ‘I-just-threw-this-on-and-don’t-I-look-seemlessly-amazing?’ look.

photo-1 (6) photo-3 (2) photo-4 (2)


So it has to be said, I’ve FINALLY got into the whole “minimalism” thing. I don’t know how, I don’t know why but all of a sudden I find myself craving me some Jil Sander-esque almost clinically minimalistic attire. Cos is my new best friend.

I’ve always been a maximalist. ALWAYS. I’ve always been the “sequins and leopard print” kind of gal, but I’ve just recently been embracing the joys of a plain white tee. Perhaps my tastes are a-changing, my eyes are looking at things in a whole new light and my brain is wanting a clean slate.

I’m just going to go ahead and show you some of my favourite minimalist pieces from Cos this week. Cos is AMAZING. Really, it is. Not too expensive, the quality is that of a designer brand and best of all, everything looks like it could literally be Jil Sander. What more could you possibly want? Visit Cos