After a long bout of HUGE adoration across the pond, Mabelline’s Baby Lips range has finally made it’s way to the UK! Introducing six shades onto our market, Baby Lips offer “intense care and 8 hour hydration, and is nourishing for baby soft lips”. With an SPF of 20 and costing only £2.99 you can’t really go wrong with these. I’ve heard great things about them and plan on buying the shades “Pink Punch” and “Cherry Me” at the weekend! Visit Boots to purchase and see the collection!


Being late is sometimes deemed fashionable, other times plain rude. But with these Kate Spade watches you can be both fashionable and on time. I came across one Kate Spade watch in a street style snap on Pinterest and googled Kate Spade watches and lo and behold, they’re all fabulous. For some reason the faces of the watches remind me of a sweet shop (or candy store), very cute and girly, but not to OTT or showy. Here’s a selection of my favourites…



Aren’t they darling? I think they’re perfect! I especially love the black and white ones, just takes your armwear up to a whole new level!

To see more, go to Kate Spade’s official website.


I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know what I’m talking about when it comes to perfumes, because I don’t. What I DO know though, is that I like what I like and I have a very distinctive taste in perfume. A perfume doesn’t really grow on me, I either like it straight off or I hate it for life. My favourite, favourite, favourite ever fragrance EVER is Serpentine by Roberto Cavalli, but I’ve run out of it right now and can’t bring myself to cough up for more of it, being a high end expensive brand. 

I never really used to turn to the high street for perfume because, rather snobbishly, I used to think that the only people that bought high street “shop’s own brand” perfumes were 13 year old girls saturating themselves in the gym changing rooms at school with the sickly sweet smell of cheap perfume. But I am here to admit that I was wrong and that I’ve since found a few high street perfumes that I love. The only difference about high street perfumes vs High end perfumes is that they really don’t last as long; but then at a fraction of the cost you wouldn’t really expect anything incredible in terms of quality would you?

A perfume I bought this week was Florence by Next. Here is how Next describe the fragrance:

A warm floriental with lily and red rose on a sensuous base of amber, sandalwood and white musk.



It’s a very fresh smell, clean and light, perfect for a summer’s day. It is an eau de parfum so should last longer on the skin, I’m not sure how much I would vouch for that but I’m not too bothered, the 50ml bottle is small enough for me to carry round in my handbag to freshen up with. Costing only £8 for the 50ml and £15 for the 100ml, this fragrance is an amazing price for the expensive-smelling product, I would definitely re-purchase this! Although in the four-fragrance collection consisting of “London”, “Milan”, “New York” and of course “Florence” the one I’d like to try next is London, the other two seemed a bit heavy for me.

Overall, I like this perfume, it’s easy to wear for day or night, is not too heavy so that it gives you a headache after a while like some EDP’s do and it’s fresh, light and clean.



If someone was to ask me who my ultimate style icon is, it would definitely be Gwenny Gwen Gwen. Ms Stefani has, in my opinion, THE best, most fab, classiest, coolest wardrobe in the world of celebland and I would DIE to have a piece of that closet. Gwen’s latest collection for L.A.M.B has “Gwen Stefani” written all over it, I can imagine her wearing every single look from the whole collection which is what I love about it. It’s all Gwen, and therefore I’m totally into it.

Featuring black and white paired with splashes of electric blue, sharp tailoring with sky-high heels, studded accessories and of course some tartan to boot, the collection was seemlessly perfect.

It frustrates me when celebrities bring out clothing lines just for a dollaaahh or two more (or a few million) than they already have, but Gwen Stefani is different. She took a back seat on the designing side of things a few seasons ago to make more time for her family and other career as the frontwoman of ultra-cool band No Doubt, but the label is still ALLLL Gwen.

I loooove this collection, one of my highlights from A/W13. I just wish I could afford that AMAZING blue suit with the shirt and tie. And that back and white bag. And that leather frilled skirt. And those tartan tailored trousers. Oh alright, I wish I could afford all (or any) of it!

photo-3 (2) photo-4 (2) photo-1 (6) photo-5


So today was the start of New York Fashion Week for the A/W2013 collections! Every fashion lover everywhere is no doubt doing the same as me: constantly on Twitter/Instagram/ Cut etc etc. checking for updates!

This season’s collections is sure to bring some surprises, not just in NYC. With much anticipated shows from Oscar de la Renta (with the arrival of John Galliano at the fashion house, read about that here), Alexander Wang’s debut collection at Balenciaga, the second collections from Raf Simons for Dior and Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent Paris, Jil Sander’s return to Jil Sander, Tom Ford’s return to the runway in London as well as McQueen’s presentation sans Sarah Burton (maternity leave).

No doubt this season’s collections will bring many a drama, a great dosage of expensive taste, many lashings of fashion excitement and a mile-long wish list of coveted items.

Let the Fashion Week mania commence!


I’m (finally) on Pinterest! I’m so addicted to it, any spare moment I get (which these days isn’t a lot) I’m straight on it, “pinning” til my heart is content! I’ve found so many inspirational photos, great tips for all sorts of things such as beauty ideas, recipes, DIY & craft advice, loads of fashion pictures and beautiful photography. There’s honestly something for everyone on there as there are so many categories of varying interests, an afternoon (or 4) can easily be swept from under your feet after a session on Pinterest!

Because I love it so much, I though I’d dedicate a blog post a week to pins that I’ve found interesting that week (although if you check out my Pinterest, there’ll be TONS more).

For now though, here are some so far that I thought I’d share! Join me on Pinterest! My user is HannahWintour if you want to check out my page!

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Today in England, it is quite possibly the most dull, grey, insipid, uninspiring and certainly uneventful that British weather can get. It is indeed a day where the lights inside the house have to be on all day because it is so grey outside; a day where pyjamas are the only sufficient clothing options and watching reality TV and chick-flicks is the only way to get through the dreary day. In between watching already-seen-76-times episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (season 3 starts on Monday!!!!) and the ever-entertaining Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I decided to take a look back on some Spring/Summer 2013 shows to help with my British weather coma and make me feel inspired for next summer…. Pfft!
Anyway, I looked back in the Dennis Basso presentation and for the second time after seeing it initially, was taken back to fairy tale land. The presentation was truly spectacular, the dresses were magical and I can only imagine that prancing round in one of the blush-coloured ball gowns would make me feel like I was living in high society New York in 1900 dancing as the most sought-after debutante with the most dashing boy, in the most spectacular gown. Not that I’ve thought about it or anything.


The muted palette of Ivories, blushes, greys, silvers and taupes along with a few splatterings of always-glamourous black, the show was certainly a sight to be seen.


Each telling a different story of decadence, the collection was the epitome of elegance. I’ve looked through each photo of the show numerous times now and honestly cannot choose a favourite piece. I can’t. I feel like I would be doing some sort of disservice if I was to label the dresses in a hierarchical manner.


Lace, voile, crinoline, heavy-embroidery, intensive beadwork, dip-dye fringing, silk and tulle are all components of a truly magnificent collection in which only a select few will truly enjoy to the full extent of the experience of prancing round like a princess… Oh well, the rest of us can dream.



Back to reality, I stare out at the rain-splattered window at the depressing atmosphere outside and forlornly look down at my pyjamas. Who needs a ball gown anyway?


What I love about Antonio Berardi is that you can always tell when a piece is his, without dispute. Impeccable tailoring, exquisite detailing and the elegant demeanour of his looks are all why I always love his catwalk shows. Berardi’s S/S13 show was as delightful as expected, no less. With his usual mix of glitzy-but-not-overdone cocktail dresses and clean lines with tailored pieces, the collection really is a Berardi-special.

My particular favourites are the sequin-infested numbers which are cut to flatter any shape and bound to make anyone feel a million dollars, if its good enough for Nicole Kidman at this years’s EMMY awards, then it’s good enough for me!