It’s January…. As in, a whole new year has begun. I hope you all had a wonderfully fulfilling Christmas and celebrated the new year with as much drunken debauchery as your heart desired. As generic as it sounds, a new year obviously signifies new beginnings, a fresh start. This year my resolutions are mainly to get this blog going properly, hopefully posting more regularly… I enjoy putting posts up and receiving your feedback, it’s always encouraging!
Another resolution is to stick to a spending budget. Ha! It’s laughable but I’m honestly going to try! I’m working full time now and I’ve never earned as much money as I am so for me to have a decent amount of money in my bank account is too much for my fashion-brain to handle! Here’s an example… Two days after Christmas, when the sales were already one day in, I decided to buy myself a McQueen dress. Yes, you did see that right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Why do I need a McQueen dress? I don’t know. Lust? Love? Madness? But anyway…. The point is I spend too much and I need to reeeeel it in. By miles. No more designer clothing. No more expensive beauty sprees. No more shoe-buying. I have enough clothes. I have more shoes than I have room for and I have over 50 lipsticks. I think I’m good for the next 7 years, let alone just 2013.

So 2013 is the year I also go off to university…. I’m going to The University for the Creative Arts in Epsom to study Fashion Journalism in September and in all honesty I can’t wait! I’ve no idea why on earth thought I needed a gap year because I feel like I just want to get out there.

There are a couple of other personal achievements I hope to reach this year, just silly things to make myself feel better I suppose!

Anyway, this has been a rather ramble-ramble post and it’s not really going anywhere so I’ll sign off here! I have a blog post planned on my current favourite trend for this winter so that should be up in a couple of days!

Happy New Year!


Altuzarra, Altuzarra, Altuzarra. Do words exist that are elegant enough to describe Joseph Altuzarra? The S/S 2013 collection itself was one of glitz, glamour and opulent culture all rolled into one. The rich hues of royal blues paired with gold sequins splayed out in fan shapes, with mini gold tassel trim and intricate beading sounds fabulous enough doesn’t it? And that’s only one look.
With impeccable tailoring, understated but fabulous splatterings of gold sequins, olive green tassels and an air of cool grace that all followed and defused from the models, in what Altuzarra makes sure of, in a mixing pot of class, elegance, sophistication with a dash of Miss Carefree in what is surely spring’s perfect recipe of trends. And to boot, the slicked-back hair and dewy makeup are all part of the composition of reasons why women love Altuzarra – true wearable art.



Bloggers, celebrities, fash eds and every single other well-connected being at the Alexander Wang S/S 2013 show were all asked via loudspeaker (by a wishful thinker) to refrain from using flash photography during Wang’s show. It became apparent at the finale that the procession of clinical-cut, sharp-shaped garments would all glow yellow as the lights went down. This use of technology, once again, stamps the 2013 seal of approval that Alexander Wang is still at the forefront of modern technological fashion.

His S/S 2013 show was a juxtaposition of clinical simplicity meets futuristic, leather-adorned voyeur. The monochromatic palette that strutted down the catwalk included with a tougher exterior, a no-nonsense, can-do attitude which was reflected in all aspects of each model’s look.

Innovative knitwear, leather and razor-sharp lines all were featured on garments which could only be described as warrior queen meets romanticised beauty.

Wang’s lazer-cut leathers and silks on both garments and footwear place him once again, at the top of the innovative tech stakes. Although, it is a must to add that he never left, and will continue to reign for seasons to come.


With connections at Vogue, Harrods and Harvey Nichols; Rave reviews from Stella McCartney and Chanel; and been mentioned in Vogue after interviewing Roland Mouret, Enya Morrisroe is a sure-fire up-and-coming powerhouse. Morrisroe’s brand EJMfashion comprises of many aspects of the fashion industry, from designing innovative collections each season, to enlisting her very own photographer, Charles Davis to accompany the brand image; Morrisroe states that she had a “love affair between photography and fashion” and that she loves “turning a garment into one beautiful picture which speaks a thousand words”. Also acting as PR manager to rapidly growing new young designer Daniel Bird (DB Boutique), she has proven herself to be a true hard-worker when it comes to her career and the boosting of others’.
You’d think that all these achievements (and many more) would come from the CV of a well-established fashion-business guru. However you’d be wrong. Guru-in-the-making Morrisroe is just a girl from Yorkshire on an exciting adventure to become the powerhouse that she and her company deserve. Having written articles for Harrods, interviewed the Harrods spokesperson, attended Both London and New York Fashion Weeks, gained contacts at John Lewis PR AND running a successful fashion blog, it’s hard to believe Morrisroe’s brand has only been running for 3 years. However, with the likes of Vogue on her CV, the brand will no doubt become one of the greats in years to come. But what an already amazingly successful 3 years it has been!
In celebration, I asked Enya herself where she sees the brand in 10 years’ time and what she hopes the brand will evolve into in the future…

”That’s an interesting question really. I see myself working within the industry, either as a PR girl or Journalist. The blog will still be going, travelling and experiencing the events of the fashion calendar. I’d love to own an apartment in NYC.
As for the brand, I’d love to see EJMfashion as a fully launched brand; the collection on the LFW Newgen Catwalk at Somerset house and see the collection on the rails of the respectable department stores.
I also would like to be a part of helping the new talent in the industry, helping to create their own brand and career.”