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Top row: [left] The Eiffel Tower, one of my most favourite photos ever! [middle] Saw this quote, made me laugh. Basically the story of my life. [right] My Dad’s birthday cake with sparklers, woo!
Middle row: [left] Doing uni work on the train home [middle] Saw Beyonce at The O2 Arena last week! She was unbelievably good [right] Because what’s a week on Instagram without a selfie?
Bottom row: [left] Saw this Chow Chow, it’s cute, I want it [middle] My pass for Blogger’s Fashion Week! [right] Spring has sprung in the UK!

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Only I could go to a place where there are no shops and still find things to buy. Yes, only I could do that. And that is exactly what I did yesterday at The O2 Arena. Baring in mind this is a concert venue with an array of restaurants (not shops) for its visitors. Luckily for me though, there was a very small market taking place and I managed to purchase a beautiful vintage lace miniskirt from the LilyJLondon stall and two leather studded cuffs from another handmade goods stall.

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How did I still manage to spend money on sartorial items at a concert that weren’t merchandise?! For more info on LilyJLondon go to, there’s some beautiful pieces for Spring on there, all crafted from the finest vintage lace in London, inexpensive too! They also have stores in Camden Market so go check them out!