So it’s a Friday night and I’m sat in with my phone turned off. Not the typical Friday night of a 21 year-old student, but hey, I guess I like to break down stereotypes. Sometimes my head goes all fuzzy when I look at my phone. I begrudge every text that comes in, every email and every annoying Facebook post from people you don’t really like but you have to keep them as “friends” to keep your mum happy. Today was one of those days, so I’ve decided to switch my phone off until tomorrow (Saturday) morning. And it feels SO good. I’ve made a list of 5 benefits that switching your phone off can do for you…

  1. It allows you to regroup with yourself
    Switching your phone off means not being disturbed, so take this opportunity to run yourself a bath, apply a face mask, watch a film, paint your nails and just catch up on some me-time. Sometimes taking care of number one is a huge stress reliever, and the best therapy money can buy.
  2. It let’s you catch up on work
    The amount of times that I’ve procrastinated in doing work by being distracted by my phone is amazing, if I had the will-power to turn my phone off every time I had work to do I would be about 99% more productive. Turning my phone off tonight has motivated me to tick everything off my to-do list with uni, my blog and other tasks that I’ve been putting off. It’s only one night, just bite the bullet and get shit done!
  3. It calms your mind down
    It can be really overwhelming sometimes if you’ve had a long day full of noise and action, it’s nice to sit down and completely relax and unwind. But oftentimes staring at social media can be just as stressful. Keeping up with your Twitter timeline, making sure you’ve liked all of your friend’s status’ and photos or responding to messages that are hours old and have lost their relevance. Switching your phone off completely takes that pressure away, because as “first world problems” as it sounds, keeping up with social media can be totally stressful.
  4. It gives you a healthy break from interaction
    There can be some days when you feel like you are in a constant conversation online. Sometimes that’s a great thing, interacting with people instantly all over the world is an amazing thing that should be embraced, but it can also slow your mind down from doing anything productive. Being in a conversation all day long isn’t a natural process. You wouldn’t particularly be in one conversation with people like that in real life, everyone needs their down time but for some reason, when a conversation is had online or by text, the break seems to go away. Switching your phone off allows your mind to really switch off from your online-mode and connect with the world in front of you.
  5. It gets your creative juices flowing
    It’s true to say that many creative types don’t own TVs, they read books, newspapers and listen to the radio, mostly. There’s a reason for this. Once our minds are full of too much outside info (I mean in terms of “fuzz” or meaningless information that’s not going to serve us in any way) we lose our creative streaks. Without the distraction of a phone, we have the brain space available to make our own ideas, without influence from outside sources. There is nothing more satisfying than creating something purely from scratch. Switching your phone off can only be a positive thing for your creative juices.

So I’ve been “switched off” for about 3 hours so far this evening, a record by my standards. It’s surprisingly refreshing, the possibilities are endless. To be perfectly honest, the silence is nice and my productivity levels feel higher than usual. Or maybe I’m just hyped up on sugar from that Magnum I just ate… Who can tell?



In my humble opinion, MAC reigns supreme when it comes to lipsticks. The sheer diversity of shades and textures can be beaten by no other brand. Lipstick is my favourite thing to put on in the morning and I shamelessly own 16 MAC lipsticks so I think I’m in a substantial position to be able to give my favourites.


1. Relentlessly Red | 2. Faux | 3. Happy-Go-Lucky | 4. Speak Louder | 5. Angel

I love lipstick and I’ll wear most shades, the only one I won’t/can’t wear is orange – it makes my skin and teeth look yellow. These are my top picks from MAC, there are so many that I love that it was so hard narrowing it down!

Relentlessly Red (Retro Matte)
The perfect vibrant retro red. My favourite deep red used to be Ruby Woo, however that has now been cast aside for Charlotte Tilbury’s Red Carpet Red. Relentlessly Red lasts alllll day with a liner and is the prefect red for summer.

Faux (Satin)
This shade is more of a winter one for me, I am the palest of pale girls and this can come out quite dark on me if I haven’t fake tanned, whereas it’s too pale for my mum who has slightly more olive skin. It’s my version of the “Kylie Jenner” lip (as much as I hate to use her as a reference).

Happy-Go-Lucky (Amplified)
This is my favourite cool-toned bright pink, it’s more on the matte side so it lasts for ages and looks good with or without a tan, which is always a plus! I always feel like my skin looks healthier when I wear this shade, it brightens up my whole complexion.

Speak Louder (Cremesheen)
This is my go-to everyday red. It’s nicer to wear than matte lipsticks as it doesn’t dry your lips out, but it’s still long lasting, especially if you wear it with a liner.

Angel (Frost)
I tried to avoid mentioning shades that I thought were too “obvious” however I can’t not mention my perfect nude, Angel. The classic shade that everyone seems to talk about, Angel is so versatile, I can use it as a nude without liner, with a darker liner underneath for more texture and with a gloss on top for some sheen. It just seems to go with every makeup look possible and is the one shade that I grab for when I don’t know what else to put on.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?