It’s the weekend that the retail industry baits its breath for. It’s the typically American tradition that has somehow seeped into the realms of the UK retail trade whereby the whole country is on shopping standby for the weekend whilst eager shoppers take advantage of the one-weekend-only sales. I was one of said shoppers, I’m not ashamed to admit. Whilst my shopping excursion was a whistle-stop tour of “the main part” of Covent Garden (I only went into one shop… Yay for my non-resistance!) I did however spend a rather inordinate amount of money on a pair of gloves.


It has to be said though, that I have had my eye on these supple beauties from Kurt Geiger for a while now. Three months to be exact. And whilst some may say that spending £60 on a pair of gloves is ludicrous, I on the other hand, wave two fingers (two leather-clad fingers, might I add) up in the air and declare an investment has been made. Yes, they were £60. But they would have been £80, thanks to the eager sales assistants shoving 25% discount vouchers in everyone’s faces upon entering the shop.



Woollen gloves never go out of style. Neither do leather gloves. Combined, KG are onto something. Expensive or not, they will go with anything and get better with age. And for the record, I wore them all the way home and my hands were not even the slightest hint of chilly. I win.


So yesterday I attended London Fashion Week with some friends from my Fashion Journalism course at uni, and we had such a good time. We arrived at Somerset House for our dedicated 1pm-4pm slot and started off with a bit of shopping….. By bit I mean a lot. I bought myself two Balmain t-shirts, two Wishlist London necklaces and a Tasha Metcalfe necklace crafted from a real pigeon’s foot!


Balmain t-shirt.

Balmain t-shirt.

Balmain safety-pin t-shirt.

Balmain safety-pin t-shirt.

Evil eye necklace and silver ring necklace by Wishlist London.

Evil eye necklace and silver ring necklace by Wishlist London.




Necklace crafted from a real pigeon's foot. Grasping a pearl which turns endlessly in in the claw.

Necklace crafted from a real pigeon’s foot. Grasping a pearl which turns endlessly in in the claw.


Necklace by Tessa Metcalfe.

Necklace by Tessa Metcalfe.

We also watched the London Fashion Weekend trend fashion show presented by Vodafone, which we were front row for. All the photos from it are on my Instagram @_hannahstocking but here’s a couple of my favourites:

photo 1-1 photo 2-1

I really enjoyed myself yesterday, even if my bank balance is crying out for help! Being a student isn’t easy. Taking after Carrie Bradshaw, I’d rather buy Vogue than dinner.


So I had a crazy busy weekend. Saturday I was in Birmingham for The Mrs Carter Show World Tour starring the one and only Beyonce. Still finding it difficult to muster up the appropriate vocabulary to describe that night. “Mindblowing”, “spectacular” and “insane” spring to mind. Before the show at the LG Arena, we went to the Bullring shopping centre for a short shopping excursion… Mainly because I knew they had a Cos and so I tactically “suggested” to my parents that we should find something to eat there. Of course I couldn’t go into Cos and not buy anything so I came out with a little something. The nude belt that I’ve been coveting for like, ever.


photo-5 copy 2

So then we headed to the arena where the atmosphere was thick with excitement! Beyonce came on promptly at 9pm to perform for two hours of pure energetic FLAWLESSNESS. She told us just before singing “Flaws and All” that she had a really bad sore throat and that she didn’t feel great, but you couldn’t hear it when she sang, her showmanship and professionalism was outstanding. I would have paid double the price I did to see that show again. I literally can’t say enough good things about the whole night.

photo-5 copy

Day two: The O2 Arena, London for P!nk where I had probably the most amazing meal I’ve ever had in TGI Friday’s….

photo-5 copy 3

Time for Pink! She was also incredible, her voice is perfect and her fitness level is INSANE. Those tricks she does with the acrobatics.. Amazing! Most of the time she’s not attatched to anything either which is what makes you realise her physical strength.

photo-5 copy 4

So my weekend was crazy busy travelling up and down the country, also very tiring, but it was SOOOO worth it. I had such a brilliant time and the only flaw is that I can’t relive it. I now have two much-needed days off work, hopefully checking out the new Inglot store that has just opened in Cambridge which I can’t wait for!