It’s January…. As in, a whole new year has begun. I hope you all had a wonderfully fulfilling Christmas and celebrated the new year with as much drunken debauchery as your heart desired. As generic as it sounds, a new year obviously signifies new beginnings, a fresh start. This year my resolutions are mainly to get this blog going properly, hopefully posting more regularly… I enjoy putting posts up and receiving your feedback, it’s always encouraging!
Another resolution is to stick to a spending budget. Ha! It’s laughable but I’m honestly going to try! I’m working full time now and I’ve never earned as much money as I am so for me to have a decent amount of money in my bank account is too much for my fashion-brain to handle! Here’s an example… Two days after Christmas, when the sales were already one day in, I decided to buy myself a McQueen dress. Yes, you did see that right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Why do I need a McQueen dress? I don’t know. Lust? Love? Madness? But anyway…. The point is I spend too much and I need to reeeeel it in. By miles. No more designer clothing. No more expensive beauty sprees. No more shoe-buying. I have enough clothes. I have more shoes than I have room for and I have over 50 lipsticks. I think I’m good for the next 7 years, let alone just 2013.

So 2013 is the year I also go off to university…. I’m going to The University for the Creative Arts in Epsom to study Fashion Journalism in September and in all honesty I can’t wait! I’ve no idea why on earth thought I needed a gap year because I feel like I just want to get out there.

There are a couple of other personal achievements I hope to reach this year, just silly things to make myself feel better I suppose!

Anyway, this has been a rather ramble-ramble post and it’s not really going anywhere so I’ll sign off here! I have a blog post planned on my current favourite trend for this winter so that should be up in a couple of days!

Happy New Year!


So in November last year, I entered the annual Young Blogger of the Year competition comissioned by Clothes Show Live. The competition title this year was “The top fashion moment of 2011” and we only had 200 words.
I wanted to choose a fashion moment that wasn’t necessarily the most obvious choice. The obvious being that little known (now Duchess) Kate Middleton in that sort-of famous gown designed by that sort-of famous designer Sarah Burton at the sort-of successful and infamous fashion house, Alexander McQueen. Of course, this is me attempting humour and not being so stupid. Well, I hope.
Anyway, below is the blog post, I actually got into the top 5 finalists in the country, so I guess it wasn’t half bad.

The top fashion moment of 2011 – ONE OF 5 FINALISTS.

Pretzel, cat flap, turkey twizzler, toilet seat. If you hadn’t guessed the item of headwear that I’m describing by now, then you were clearly in a coma for the whole of May, June… July… August… (And still now). It’s Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding hat of course! The Philip Treacy-designed creation has been possibly THE most talked about hat in, well dare I say forever? However, I’m not here writing about the “catastrophe” to add to the negative headlines. I see the creation as a moment of fashion-rebellion, something in which we all could take note of. Everyone’s perception of beauty is different. Just because something is different and not typically mainstream, doesn’t mean it’s “ugly”. I feel the amount of unnecessary media-bullying that Beatrice received was uncalled for. Going one step further was a Facebook page called: ‘Princess Beatrice’s Ridiculous Wedding Hat’. But then I guess, you know you’ve made it when you have a dedicated Facebook page, so perhaps the hat in question is secretly proud. And so it should be, I’d be proud. However, it’s not all bad. The infamous hat sold for £80,000 all for children’s charities. So I guess Bea won that media battle after all.

(As one of the five finalists, I attended the Clothes Show Live on 6th December 2011)